5pcs/lot Carbonyl Iron Core T68-2 Carbonyl iron powder core high frequency radio frequency magnetic cores Wholesale low Price


Color: Red

Material: Carbonyl iron powder

Size: Outer diameter: 18mm

Inside diameter:9mm

Height: 5mm


– High saturation magnetic flux density, able to work in a large current

– Stable and reliable performance, effective permeability with excellent

frequency characteristics

– Has a high temperature characteristics

– The annular structure has a very low electromagnetic radiation shielding

materials savings, reducing the shielding requirements of the work

Packing Included

5xCarbonyl iron core

Product Features

  • 100% Brand new and High quality!
  • Electronic tool equipment Smart-family, repair tools for the Smart family, General electronic components…. The product as described in the picture.
  • Excellent quality, fast delivery, simple after-sales. We make every effort to provide customers with satisfactory service.
  • 90% conventional orders will be delivered within 10-20 days.
  • Please note that the products are only offered by the brand: Zozu. Other sales people is not reliable.

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Kettle Worx Butt and Hips: Kettlebell Workout

KettleWorx is a complete home fitness program based entirely on kettlebell training. The complete KettleWorx system includes ten DVDs, training in 200 unique exercises, over 12 hours of personalized kettlebell instruction and a healthy eating guide. The KettleWorx program results in a remarkable body transformation after just six weeks, and requires only three 20-minute workouts per week. This DVD is focused on the butt and hips area.

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FengGa Hydration Bladder 2 Liter Leak Proof Water Reservoir,Military Water Storage Bladder Bag, BPA Free Hydration Pack Replacement, for Hiking Biking Climbing Cycling Running, Large Opening

★★★★★★ლ(╹◡╹ლ) Welcome to FengGa Store(✪ω✪)★★★★★★

🚻🚻 100% brand new and high quality. 🚻🚻

🚻🚻 Feature:
Super easy to clean
The big top opening makes this hydration bladder really easy to clean and fast to fill up.
Hydration bladder with leak proof design
Both the top opening and the bottom connection features leak proof design.
Quickly disconnect tube from bag for easy storage. Simply click in/out to connect/disconnect. 🚻🚻

🚻🚻 Specifications of 2L Hydration Water Bladder:
1. Material: EVA+PE
2. Color: Blue
3. Dimension:39x18cm
4. Length of tube (excluded mouthpiece): 100CM/39.37 in
5. Bearing capacity: 2L
6. The temperature of the water: -20~50 🚻🚻

❤ Packing list:
1 x2L Hydration bladder ❤

Product Features

  • 🎃 ▶ ▶ ▶ Hydration Bladder Tube Brush Cleaning Kit for Universal Bladders, 4 in 1 Cleaner Set-Long Brush for Hose, Small Brush for Bite Valve, Big Brush for Bladder & Collapsible Hanger for Drying Hydration Bladder Water Reservoir For Bicycling Hiking Camping Backpack. Non Toxic Easy Clean Large Opening, Quick Release Insulated Tube & Shutoff Valve Hydration Water Bladder Cleaning Kit, Cleaner Brushes Pack for Universal Water Reservoir Storage Bag Backpack Bottles
  • 🎃 ▶ ▶ ▶ Upgrade Hydration Bladder, 3L Water Bladder BPA Free Military Class Leakproof Water Reservoir with Wide Opening Self-Locking Valve for Hiking Climbing Cycling Running and Any Outdoor Sports Hydration Pack Backpack with 70 oz 2L Water Bladder for Running, Hiking, Cycling, Climbing, Camping, Biking Hydration Bladder, 2 Liter Upgraded Leak-Proof Water Bladder, BPA Free Water Reservoir for Hydration Pack
  • 🎃 ▶ ▶ ▶ Tactical WXP 3-Liter Hydration Reservoir Leakproof Antimicrobial System with Storm Valve BPA Free PEVA Hydration Pack Bladder, Leakproof Water Reservoir Water Bladder Hydration Bladder 2 Liter 70oz / 3L 100oz – Leakproof Tasteless BPA Free Water Reservoirs Replacement, Perfect for Camping Hiking Climbing Running Biking Outdoor Backpack Hydration Bladder Cleaning Kit – 5 in 1 Water Bladder Cleaning Kit for Universal Bladders – 3 Brushes – 1 Collapsible Frame – 1 Carrying Pouch
  • 🎃 ▶ ▶ ▶ 2l Hydration Bladder, Leakproof Camel Water Backpack Reservoir Bottle Pack, 2 Liter Replacement Back Bladders, Mini Wine Fridge, Insulated Tube Valve Bladders Hiking, Bicycling, Climbing, Hunting Hydration Bladder Cleaning Kit with Cleaner Tablets, Bite Valve Brush, Tube Brush, Drying Rack and Storage Bag Hydration Backpack with 2L Water Bladder & Long Tube Brush, Insulated Hydration Pack Keeps Liquid Cool up to 4 Hours, Perfect Outdoor Gear for Hiking, Camping
  • 🎃 ▶ ▶ ▶ Insulated Tube for Hydration Bladder Replacement, Premium Tasteless BPA Free Water Reservoir Hose for Water Bladder Hydration Pack Bladder with Shutoff Valve +FREE Universal Rotatable Water Tube Cli Hydration Bladder 2L 70OZ Water Reservoir, BPA Free, Leak-Proof, Easy Clean for Bicycling Hiking Camping Hunting Running with Backpack Bladder 2 Liter,Leak Proof Water Bladder,Hydration Pack Replacement,Water Reservoir for Hiking Biking Climbing Cycling Running,BPA Free

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QuickFit Kettlebell Workouts and Muscular System Anatomy Poster Set – Laminated 2 Chart Set – Kettle Bell Exercise Routine & Muscle Anatomy Diagram (Laminated, 18″ x 27″)

Kettlebell Workout Exercise Poster | Double Sided Illustrated Guide | Kettle Bell Routine – Laminated 18″ x 27″

Product Features

  • High-quality 3 MIL lamination for added durability
  • Double Sided Poster – Front Vertical – Back Horizontal
  • Tear Resistant
  • 18″ x 27″

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UR Impressions Punisher Kettlebell 100 Percent Pure Will Decal Vinyl Sticker Graphics for Cars Trucks SUV Vans Walls Windows Laptop|White|5.5 X 4.8 Inch|URI117

Brought to you by UR Impressions LLC and made in the United States. Our UR Impressions brand decals are die cut and made with a high gloss* polymeric calendared vinyl film that is suited for outdoor or indoor uses. This vinyl film is great for applications requiring flexibility, durability, resistance to sunlight – more durable than a paper sticker and may last up to 6 years outdoors. These decals apply similar to a temporary tattoo and are designed to be installed at temperatures ranging from 50°F/10°C – 90°F/32°C to clean, smooth surfaces: vehicles, boats, motorcycles, scooters, RV’s, ATV’s, surfboards, skateboards, residential or commercial windows, laptops, tablets, computers, interior walls, and much more. Clear application tape makes the installation process much easier, while larger designs use semi transparent application tape that is made for dry or wet applications. When the time comes the decals are removable with the use of a hair-dryer or heat gun, and leave no damaging residue. Any residue left behind can be cleaned using a terry cloth towel with mineral spirits or automotive adhesive remover (we recommend 3M.) However, once removed the decal is not reusable. All decals are packed in 100% recyclable rigid envelopes or cardboard tubes to help minimize our carbon footprint. Application instructions are also provided to guide you with your installation. Have a question, looking for a different color, need a custom size, or a custom design? Drop us a line, we’ll be happy to assist – or check our FAQ and Help pages for more product information, installation tips, and in-depth application instructions. BE confident with your purchase – all UR Impressions brand decals are backed by our 30-day replacement plan (see legal disclaimer for details). DO NOT be fooled by counterfeit listings… remember, made by UR Impressions , only sold by UR Impressions . *Matte finishes may also apply and are noted in description of product.

Product Features

  • This is a high quality vinyl die cut transfer decal single color with NO background color – FAR better than a bumper sticker and available in a variety of colors and custom sizes
  • The vinyl is made to last up to 6 years on the outside of your vehicle, and can be applied to most clean smooth surfaces; windows, mirrors, laptops, mobile devices, vehicle body, interior walls, and much more
  • We provide application instructions to assist, along with information on our HELP and FAQ pages that include detailed cleaning and application instructions for different types of surfaces
  • Clear or translucent transfer tape is used so the application process is much easier
  • Manufactured and shipped in the United States by UR Impressions LLC and backed by our 30 day replacement plan

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Personal Trainer: 90 Day Workout Program 12 Exercise Videos on DVD + Training Calendar, Fitness Tracker & Training Guide and Nutrition Plan …

Let Stephanie Oram be your Personal Trainer for the next 90 days and become a fitter, healthier and stronger version of you. XTFMAX PERSONAL TRAINER includes 12 workouts on 12 DVDs that will help you burn major calories and build lean muscle in the comfort of your own home. These workouts will challenge you with multiple levels demonstrated to maximize fat loss.
The Personal Trainer program features cardio, strength and interval training to challenge the body in order to deliver powerful weight loss and strength building results
Personal Trainer Includes:
12 workouts on 12 DVDs
Meal Plan
Training Guide
90-Day Training Calendar
Workout Training Book

Product Features

  • Let expert trainer Stephanie Oram be your personal trainer in XTFMAX Personal Trainer 12 workout set and exceed all your health and fitness goals
  • These 12 intense workouts on 12 DVDs will get you great results burning fat and building lean muscle in just 35 minutes a day for 90 days
  • Includes a complete Training Guide and Training Calendar. You can also track your workout progress with the 90 day Workout Tracker
  • Plan your nutritional needs with the included Meal Plan and join trainer Stephanie Oram to get in the best shape of your life
  • Stephanie Oram will get you sweaty, keep you motivated, and deliver results while having fun doing so

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Mark Lauren EFX | Athletic Bodyweight Training and Elite Functional Exercise DVD Set

Developed by elite Special Operations trainer and bestselling fitness author of You Are Your Own Gym, these bodyweight workouts develop peak fitness by improving postural habits that will transfer to all areas of your life. By focusing on proper joint alignment, these cutting-edge workouts allow you to develop a high performance body, while preventing the many ailments of today’s sedentary life. This 3-Disk Set Contains: Warm-up: Prepare yourself for the main body of the workout with dynamic movements that increase your body’s temperature and mobility. (5 Min.) 3 Workouts: Mark leads you rep-for-rep through 9 complexes that use 27 postural bodyweight exercises to develop elite strength, stability, and stamina, while giving you a mega calorie burn. (30 – 35 Min.) Cool-down: End the workout by calming your nerves and clearing built-up lactic acid while further improving flexibility with passive and isometric stretches. (10 Min.)

Product Features

  • Full body workout with no equipment required at home on 3 DVDs
  • Train 45 minutes three times a week to completely transform how you look, feel, and move
  • 27 orthopedically correct, functional, bodyweight exercises
  • Build incredible strength, stability, and postural efficiency for men or women
  • Become healthy and fit fast while increasing stability and postural efficiency

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Stack 52 Kettlebell Exercise Cards Duo Pack. Kettlebell Workout Playing Card Game. Video Instructions Included. Learn Kettle Bell Moves and Conditioning Drills. Home Fitness Training Program.

Looking for a challenging Kettlebell workout that really works? Tired of doing the same old routine?

We designed Kettlebell Stack 52 for you. We put 52 of the most effective Kettlebell exercises on playing cards. Deal yourself a workout or play a game like Fit Poker or Bullshit with your friends and have the time of your life getting in the best shape of your life!

· Fit Poker: Bet and perform exercises instead of chips!

· Bullshit: Get caught lying, and you do the exercises on the cards you pick up!

About Stack 52 and founder, Sergeant Volkin

Our mission is to make exercise fun and accessible for everyone.

Sergeant Volkin has a master’s degree in science, has authored 5 books, and has over 20 years of fitness experience. The US Army awarded Sergeant Volkin a medal for the fitness programs he designed for the troops. Stack 52 exercise games have been sold in over 24 countries.

What’s in the Box:

Kettlebell Stack 52 contains 55 cards. There are 8 different colors with each color representing the dominate muscle group worked:

· 11 Leg exercises (yellow)

· 4 Arm exercises (orange)

· 5 Chest exercises (green)

· 5 Shoulder exercise (purple)

· 4 Back exercises (pink)

· 9 Abdominal/Core exercises (red)

· 5 Cardio exercises (blue)

· 9 Full body compound exercises (brown)

· 2 Instructional Cards

· 1 Wild Card

Recommended Equipment (Not Included):

1 light kettlebell: you can press overhead with 1 arm for 8-10 reps

1 medium kettlebell: twice the weight of the light kettlebell

Product Features

  • CONTAINS all 104 exercises in the Kettlebell Stack 52 Series. Difficulty ranges from beginner to advanced and targets every muscle group: Legs (19 exercises), Arms (9), Chest (8), Shoulders (7), Back (4), Abs (17), Cardio (19), and Full Body (21). Achieve elite fitness and become an expert with kettlebells.
  • CREATE AWESOME WORKOUTS IN SECONDS: No planning or preparation. Shuffle the cards and deal yourself a workout or play a card game. Visit our website for free game ideas or modify your favorite card game into a workout!
  • EASIEST WAY TO LEARN KETTLEBELL EXERCISES: Each card has an illustration and description that explains how to perform the exercise. Scan the QR code with a smartphone or tablet to watch a quick video demonstration of the exercise.
  • FUN & MOTIVATING: Games and competition make exercise fun! Play by yourself or compete with your friends! No more boredom. There are 104 different kettlebell exercises and endless game possibilities.
  • 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE: If you don’t LOVE the Kettlebell Duo Pack, you get your money back, period.

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STRONG by Zumba High Intensity Cardio & Tone 60 min Workout DVD Featuring Michelle Lewin

ABOUT THE DVD: No, it’s not a dance class. And it’s not just another bootcamp. Discover the STRONG by Zumba High-Intensity Cardio and Tone 60 min workout, where every move is synced to a beat. Using only your bodyweight, transform your body as muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric moves help you burn calories and tone your abs, arms, legs and glutes. ABOUT THE LIVE CLASS: Stop counting the reps. Start training to the beat. STRONG by Zumba combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music that has been specifically designed to match every single move. Every squat, every lunge, every burpee is driven by the music, helping you make it to that last rep, and maybe even five more. In a one-hour class you will burn calories while toning arms, legs, abs and glutes. Plyometric or explosive moves like high knees, burpees, and jumping jacks are interchanged with isometric moves like lunges, squats, and kickboxing. STRONG by Zumba instructors change up the music and moves frequently to make sure you’re always challenged to the max. RESULTS THAT WILL GET YOU LEANER. FITTER. STRONGER. Fact: working out to perfectly synced music and moves pushes you harder to burn more calories.* Couple that with the afterburn (your body torching almost 50% more calories post-class!) and it’s scientifically proven that you’ll see – and feel – incredible results.** Consistently crushing your STRONG by Zumba workouts at least 3 times per week for just 12-weeks and eating a sensible diet can result in an overall leaner, more toned body with inches lost in the waist, abs, hips, thighs, and calves.*** * Eight healthy men and women participated in the indirect measurement of caloric expenditure during STRONG by Zumba classes with and without music through the use of a metabolic cart which analyzes continuous breath-by-breath VO2 and VCO2. The results were analyzed using paired T tests. Participants burned an average of 438 calories in a STRONG by Zumba class with music and an average of 390 calories in a STRONG by Zumba class without music. Participants burned on average 48 calories more with music in a STRONG by Zumba class than without. The highest caloric count a participant burned was 680 calories. ** Eight healthy men and women participated in Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) to determine their post workout caloric expenditure. Participants burned an average of 75 calories in the 40 minutes after the STRONG by Zumba class, which is almost twice the calories burned at rest. It is noted that 40 minutes post-workout, a participant’s body goes back to homeostasis – a resting state. *** Twenty-three healthy study participants (20 females, 3 males) attended 60-minute STRONG by Zumba classes 3 times per week for a period of 12-weeks and ate a sensible diet. On average, the participants lost 1.39 inches in the waist, 1.88 inches in the abs, 1.67 inches in the hip, 1.68 inches in the mid-thigh, and 0.23 inches in the calves.

Product Features

  • It’s not a dance class – it’s revolutionary workout where every move is synced to a beat
  • 60 min high-intensity workout with a bonus 20 min workout
  • Burn more calories when you workout out to perfectly synced music
  • Proven to burn almost 2x the calories post-class
  • Try it at-home now and find a class in gyms everywhere

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Kettlebells for Women: Workouts for Your Strong, Sculpted and Sexy Body

Whether you’re looking to get in better shape, spice up your exercise regimen or challenge yourself with the ultimate high-intensity workout, kettlebells are the perfect tool to take you to the next level. With over 300 step-by-step photos, Kettlebells for Women presents a solid 12-week program packed with exercises that produce unmatched results for:
• burning fat and increasing lean muscle mass
• enhancing balance, coordination and flexibility
• increasing and developing rock-hard core stability
• improving sports performance
• shaping legs, back and shoulders
• firming and lifting glutes

Kettlebells for Women teaches the proper way to do primary lifts as well as variations so you can use kettlebells safely and effectively to transform your current workout into a fun, dynamic program for sculpting and strengthening your entire body.

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#kickboxing – 15oz Ceramic Colored Inside and Handle Coffee Mug Cup, Pink

When you are feeling saucy and you need something to say it without saying it, grab this mug and fill it with your favorite liquid. It should be alcohol but if that is not your fancy, do as you please.

Product Features

  • ✅ YOUR NEW FAVORITE MUG – Let me introduce you to your new favorite mug. Meet 15oz Ceramic Colored Inside and Handle Coffee Mug. So good you’ll want to pour your favorite beverage in it right out of the box when it arrives. It will be love at first sight! You’ll definitely be spending a lot of time together with those cold winter nights and warm summer days. You can thank us later!
  • ✅ MULTIPURPOSE – This mug serves multiple purposes. Of course it can hold your favorite coffee, tea, cold drink, alcohol, maybe even your favorite beer or hard liquor if that’s how you roll. We won’t judge you. You can use this mug in the woods, sitting on the back deck or front porch or even just cruising around your neighborhood. It’s versatile and useful.
  • ✅ MAKES THE PERFECT GIFT – Have an indoors type person in your life? Or maybe someone that just likes cool things? This makes the best gift for Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Birthday’s, and even Boss’s Day. Yes your boss drinks too…Trust us.
  • ✅ LONG LASTING QUALITY – This sturdy 15oz colored inside and handle coffee mug features a durable construction of thick premium ceramic so it’s sure to last many many years. This thing will be able to take a good beating. It’s very solid and won’t break easily. Rest easy friend.
  • ✅ DISHWASHER AND MICROWAVE SAFE – This mug is definitely dishwasher and microwave safe. Let’s face it, you really didn’t want to hand wash it did you? You can if you want. Maybe you like silky smooth hands. If it becomes your favorite mug while you’re home, that’s cool too. You can love it and cherish it and hand wash it or toss it in the dishwasher. If you need to re-heat that coffee from 6 hours ago, you can even toss it in the microwave.

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