Daily Workouts

Product Features

  • Workout anywhere and anytime
  • Quick 5-30 minute workouts
  • Random and custom workout options
  • Sculpt your body with directed routines

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3 Responses to Daily Workouts

  1. Anonymous says:

    Highly recommend to anyone! I use this app everyday at the gym. I workout on my lunch hour in the gym at work and love that this app uses very little “equipment.” They use free hand weights and a yoga mat, which are all provided by my gym, so that is fantastic. I also love that there is a video along with all of the workouts to show you how to do everything, along with a written explanation at the bottom.When following along and doing everything properly, you really feel the burn! I have been using…

  2. Anonymous says:

    All Around Workout

  3. Anonymous says:

    great app. Would be better if you didn’t have to buy the different levels. (If it all came in one.) However, I love the app. It has many different options and levels. The person doing the exercise executes them correctly wuich i have found to be hit and miss with most apps. I like that you can enter your personal information to get a calorie burn and tailor the workout to your daily needs. For someone who doesn’t have lots of free time or can’t always get to a gym, this is perfect. I have it on my phone…

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