Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout 3

So You STILL Think You’re Tough?… Double Kettlebells Means Double Trouble, in This Scorching Cardio Heart-Shocker and Ultimate Muscle-Thumper… How to Dig Deep and Go Beyond Your Physical Limits-As You Murder Your Weaker Self with Weber’s Brutal Beatdowns Physiotherapist and iconic hardman, Keith “The Extreme” Weber is notorious for his inspiring, tough-as-they-come, beachside kettlebell rampages… Keith’s first two Extreme Cardio DVDs have been perennial bestsellers-helping thousands upon thousands of courageous types to transcend their imagined limitations. Extreme Cardio 3 moves the needle on the infamous toughometer many notches to the right… Extreme 3 is the Marriage of Heaven and Hell-the blissful anguish of pushing yourself into that special realm where agony bonds with ecstasy… The entire program uses 2 kettlebells at once. This means twice the workload, in shorter segments, for a shorter overall workout duration than the previous Extremes. Because of the higher intensity, of course, you will still be screaming for mercy well before the workouts’ official end. Less time, bigger bang for the buck…more pain, more gain Life is struggle. Be ready for the struggle, embrace the struggle… when you step up to the latest Extreme Weber challenge-and to achievable an unspeakable level of conditioning and a brute strength the gods would envy…

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2 Responses to Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout 3

  1. Anonymous says:

    More like two workouts for the price of one. This is definitely not a workout for beginners. I would recommend you have significant prior kettle bell experience. You are an animal if you can do the entire workout from start to finish.I split the video into two different days, Swing Workout, Turkish Getup, Leg Burner, Core Workout/Cooldown, on one day, and Manmaker, Slingshot, Upper Body Blast, Core Workout/Cooldown, on a second day. I perform the workouts in that order. The first day is 38 minutes, the second is 34…

  2. Anonymous says:

    New to kettlebells and I loved this work out New to kettlebells and I loved this work out. I have done weight training as well as p90X in the past. This is a great cardio work out that’s still fun since you get to toss some weight around. As someone who hates running, elipticals, ect., it is hard to find a cardio work out that I don’t want to bail on in the first ten minutes. This work out will have you gassed by the end without staring at a clock the whole time, waiting for enough to pass for it to count as a workout…

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