Kettlebell Bombshell with Lisa Balash (Kettle Bell Workout)

The kettlebell is a training tool that has been used widely all over Eastern Europe and is fast becoming a favorite in the United States. Its popularity is due to its reputation of being both efficient and effective for demonstrable results. This DVD will teach you how to use this tool in your own home for less than the price of a single personal training session! Get cardio and strength training all in one sitting without setting foot in the gym. A 30 minute tutorial chapter shows you how to perform all of the moves in the workouts in a safe manner. Then, there are three follow-along workouts that are fast and fun: the focus is on sculpting a sleek physique and targeting all the trouble spots. Tone your glutes, hips, and thighs; sculpt your chest, back, and arms while strengthening and tightening your abdominals. Instructor Lisa Balash, owner of Elite Physiques Kettlebell/Pilates training studio, has trained 3-time Mr. Olympia champion Jay Cutler (who also makes a guest appearance in this DVD) as well as countless individuals who are new to working out or just trying to get back in shape. Get the body you’ve always dreamed of and let Lisa help transform your body into a Kettlebell Bombshell!

Product Features

  • Factory sealed DVD

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3 Responses to Kettlebell Bombshell with Lisa Balash (Kettle Bell Workout)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good Kettlebell Workout This is my third kettlebell DVD, but my first with Lisa Balash. I liked her clear, simple cueing without use of extra self-promotion or hyperbole like Pavel does (though if you can get past that, he does know his stuff). The DVD has four sections: a lengthy “how-to,” with very good, precise instruction, about 28 minutes, which for a beginner could be its own workout; an upper body (about 18 minutes) and a lower body workout (about 22 minutes); and a circuit workout (about 24 minutes). Lisa…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Recommended for beginners Kettlebell BombshellInstructor – Lisa BalashDuration – variesPros – Lisa spends a good half hour on instruction on the different kettlebell movements. I really liked this! Her explanations are very clear and detailed. There are a lot more moves demonstrated with this DVD compared to many of the the other kettlebell DVDs that I own. After that there are three workouts, one for lower body, one for upper body and a cardio workout.Cons – Lisa definitely practices…

  3. Anonymous says:

    best instruction My wife has just gotten this dvd and is doing the review.I have 5 kettlebell dvds. Bob’s,Jillians,Gen Millers, Goddess workout and kettlebell bombshell. The dvd’s I used the most are Jillians and Gen Millers. I think I have just found a new favorite. Lisa’s instruction in this dvd is fantastic and very clear. I do think that if you are trying to lose weight like 30+ pounds and you are not use to exercising then I would start out with a 10 pound kettlebell. I did switch to a 15 lb after…

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