Kettlebell Simple & Sinister

Learn how to use the extreme hand-held gym from the source the man who started the kettlebell revolution. Simple & Sinister will prepare you for almost anything life could throw at you, from carrying a piano upstairs to holding your own in a street fight. Simple & Sinister will forge a fighter’s physique because the form must follow the function. Simple & Sinister will give you the strength, the stamina, and the suppleness to play any sport recreationally and play it well. If you are a serious athlete, Simple & Sinister will serve as a perfect foundation for your sport-specific training. If you are a serious lifter, Simple & Sinister will build your strength, rather than interfere with it. Simple & Sinister will achieve all of the above while leaving you plenty of time and energy to do your duty, your job, practice your sport, and have a life. Russian kettlebell power to you!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A beginner’s opinion of the program **Progress review/update 2/18/14**The reviews on Simple & Sinister seemed too good to be true, but I bought it on a whim. It ended up entirely changing my training routine. It may be too early to post a review, but I have been following this routine exactly as prescribed for about a week and I love it. I thought I’d share my experience from a novice’s perspective, and if I find in a few months that I am unsatisfied with the routine (or that I still love it) I will follow-up my review…

  2. Anonymous says:

    The definitive entry program for kettlebell lifting I committed to begin exercising 15 months ago, nearing age 30 and being out of shape and at a threshold weight and amount of body fat that I knew would be much harder to lose if I waited any longer to address.I had seen an article about kettlebells on the Art of Manliness blog a few years ago, and another book (“Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog”) got me really interested. It didn’t take long to come across Pavel Tsatsouline, StrongFirst, and “Simple & Sinister”. I started in October 2016 with a…

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