Kettlebell Training Fundamentals: Achieve Pain-Free Kettlebell Training and Build a Strong Foundation to Become a Professional Kettlebell Trainer or Enthusiast

If you’re looking to get into kettlebell training then there is no better book than Kettlebell Training Fundamentals, one of the best books for kettlebell training beginners to pick up and lay the proper foundations for a lifelong kettlebell journey. If you want to progress in kettlebell training then you need to master the basics, these are the basics of kettlebell training and they take you step-by-step to where you want to be, performing the fundamentals movements of kettlebell training safely and effectively.

This book contains hundreds of detailed photos, links to bonus videos, and step by step instructions. Everything you need to learn kettlebell training, or how to teach others. If you’ve never touched a kettlebell before, or have been working with one and just not progressing, this is your book. If you’ve been taught some kettlebell exercises but aren’t sure if it’s right, and/or you’re experiencing bruising, calluses, ripped hands, elbow pain, etc. this is YOUR book.

Learn how to pick up a kettlebell, clean, swing, pull, press, and much more with one of the top kettlebell training books.


“An extremely good read. Recommended. A great addition to any kettlebell users library. I personally have gained more knowledge that will assist me with my journey using kettlebells as an enthusiast and an instructor. ” Bryan Trish (Kettlebell instructor and personal trainer)

“A great book for anyone wanting to integrate kettlebells into their workouts. Taco covers a lot of information which will help you maximize your training. Links to videos are an added bonus and assist with the technical aspects of kettlebell training.”Mark Godwin (Director, Fit Biz UK)

As a qualified kettlebell trainer with many years of experience, I have a real passion to teach others how to work with kettlebells and show people the awesome benefits it can provide. Benefits like strength, flexibility, agility, endurance, and even mental toughness. I hope you’ll invest in yourself and buy this book to start your kettlebell journey properly.

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2 Responses to Kettlebell Training Fundamentals: Achieve Pain-Free Kettlebell Training and Build a Strong Foundation to Become a Professional Kettlebell Trainer or Enthusiast

  1. Anonymous says:

    Engaging and informative I enjoyed reading this book on many levels. It is passionately written, it is funny, personable and relatable, but it is also a very valuable, thought-provoking reference book, based on years of practical experience. It is a superb book for a kettlebell enthusiast as well as a useful fuel for thought for a kettlebell and fitness coach.I have followed Taco’s work before finding this book and I knew that it would be a valuable resource even before I bought it. The book didn’t disappoint. It…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Solid, interesting, advanced, but maybe too dependent on links to external resources Este libro es una bendición. Aquí les explico el por qué de esta afirmación.Llevo ya casi cuatro años desde que conocí las Pesas Rusas (Kettlebells) y, para ese entonces, hubiera deseado encontrar un texto en español sobre este tema (cosa que es casi que imposible de hacer, ya que casi todo lo referente a Pesas Rusas están escrito en Ruso o Inglés).Taco Fleur ha logrado compilar y sintetizar muchos conceptos fundamentales en su libro el cual, de manera clara y concisa,…

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