Kettlercise Just For Women VOL I & Vol II Package -THE Ultimate Kettlebell Fat Burning Program

We’ve turned up the heat with Kettlercise Just For Women Vol 1 & Vol 2 Package! FINALLY, a Kettlebell DVD that delivers EXACTLY what it promises. Women everywhere are loving the lightening quick results of Kettlercise Just For Women Vol II. If you tried Vol I then you’ll just love Vol II and if you want to Lose Weight, Tone your Hips, Bum & Thighs & have Flat Abs fast then theres only one Kettlebell DVD for you? There are no celebrities, no gimmicks just real results and real women, with step by step instruction from the UK’s No 1 kettlebell expert Guy Noble. We’ve stepped up the pace from Vol I to maximise your efforts in minimum time. It’s the same great Kettlercise Body Transformation System following the same proven formula but we’ve stepped it up a gear and added loads of new exercises whilst still retaining some of your favourites. # 13 Reasons why women are raving about Kettlercise Just For Women DVD Package: It still: #1 destroys fat super quick! #2 It still get’s results……fast #3 It does exactly what it says on the box #4 It melts fat #5 It shifts your stubborn inches #6 It reshapes your hips, bum and thighs #7 It’s THE ALL over body transform fat loss program #8 It’s the real deal from the UK’s No 1 Kettlebell expert #9 It’s already a proven success #10 It takes no more than 20 minutes of your day to get the perfect you #11 You’ll be amazed at the results #12 You’ll really notice the difference #13 There’s no need to travel to a gym Kettlercise Just for Women Package just got even better! In just a few short weeks not only will you feel the difference but you’ll actually see the difference. Firmer bum and toned hips and thighs, it’s a complete body work out that’s so simple to follow. We have loads of testimonials from ladies stating that Kettlercise Just for Women has made more difference in weeks than years of attending the gym. ….try it, you’ll love it!

Product Features

  • NEWLY UPDATED 2013 Version, refilmed Kettlercise Just For Women Just Vol 1 DVD PLUS Kettlercise Just For Women Vol 2 DVD Package
  • Total Run Time: 321 mins, 4 DVD Discs with 3 Improved fat burning programs including a rand New & Refigured Special 22 min ‘Express Program’ for when you are stuck for time but still want results………fast!
  • New & effective ‘8 Min Ab Blast’ workouts, very short but now even more productive for that flat stomach you desire
  • New & Exclusive 50 min “All Over Body Program’ workouts that simply accelerates fat loss
  • PLUS stretching, warming up and cooling down exercises, Beginner to advanced levels for maximum fat loss, tone and sculpt impact

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3 Responses to Kettlercise Just For Women VOL I & Vol II Package -THE Ultimate Kettlebell Fat Burning Program

  1. mr j c fitzmaurice says:

    A good and varied routine for home use After having attended kettlebell classes at my local leisure centre, this was my first purchase of a DVD for home use. The exercises are well explained, the routine is varied and included a number of exercises I had not seen before. It is easy to start gently and build intensity. The only bit I did not appreciate is the heavy advertising of a brand of dietary supplement. I feel that a good exercise method should not require protein supplements to produce good results, especailly in women who…

  2. SU says:

    Just brilliant – would recommend Having read lots of reviews I decided to take the plunge and am really enjoying these DVD’s. As some of the other reviews say, Volume I is not quite as professionally filmed but workout and content is brilliant. Volume II is even better! I would not have rated myself as unfit beforehand, but definitely raise a sweat doing these workouts. And toning up – can already see a difference. Obviously you do have to do the workouts regularly to feel the benefit but if you are in any way tempted buy…

  3. Katieskutz says:

    Buy if you want results quick! Love kettlercise! These kettle bell DVDs are fantastic. I have been doing volume 1 continuously for two weeks and noticing that I’m a lot more firmer and toned. The exercises are all 1 minute long but you still are out of breath and sweating buckets by the end. Volume 2 I am saving but I will definitely be ordering the h core workouts. Kettle bells are by far the best way of working out I have found. They aren’t easy but you see results and after the program you feel good in yourself with having worked your butt…

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