Kungken Weight Lifting Gloves With Pigskin Palms And Wrist Wrap Provide Support For Gym, Workout, Crossfit, Fitness, Kettlebell, WOD, Cross Training

These weightlifting gloves from Kungken are great for both, men and women. They offer an integrated, comfortable wrist wrap to provide you the extra support for those heavy lifts. They offer breathable material across the top of the hand with heavy, durable Pig Split Leather palm. These gloves are a well-rounded choice for beginners to the pros. If you’re into training, exercise, lifting, or just hitting the gym for a workout, these are a GREAT choice!

Size: Palm Width: S (2.95-3.11″),M (3.11-3.34″), L (3.34-3.74″), XL (3.74-4.13″),XXL (4.13-4.52″)
Hand circumference: S: (6.7″- 7.50″), M: (7.50″- 8.30″), L: (8.30″- 9.0″), XL: (9.09″- 9.9″), XXL: (9.88″ – 11.10″)

Product Features

  • Without the stress of slipping or dropping weights, or painful calluses and blisters. Proper weight distribution reduces hand fatigue and lets you work out longer
  • Pig split leather palm is tough, soft and comfortable to wear, resists shrinking, stretching
  • 45CM full adjustable graduated fabric wristwrap helps stabilize wrists and enable you to safely lift heavier amounts of weight
  • Glove interior is soft to provide comfort for extended use. The materials help to pull sweat from the hands and absorb in order to maintain a firm fit without slippage
  • Whether you’re a professional body builder or beginner, our gloves will provide you with the support and grip you need

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