Leather Crossfit Grips & Gymnastics Grips Best Cross Training Gloves for WODs,Pull Ups, Kettlebell Workout & Weight lifting Bonus Thumb Sleeve Included. Protect Your Palm & Fingers From Rips & Tears (Black, Large)

We have all been through it. Rips and tears, sores and calluses can definitely be painful and keep us away from the gym.
Its time to say goodbye to the rips and tears on your palm and fingers.
Wear Toncy Gear crossfit grips for:

Hand protection: Thoroughly tested and redesigned to enhance comfort and protect your hands from blisters and tears.
Great Grips– Our crossfit and gymnastic grips are manufactured with real leather for a stronger grip
Wrist Support: Designed with a velcro strap wrist support to provide added support when working out
Free Thumb Sleeve: Comes with a bonus thumb sleeve to protect your thumbs from calluses and bruises. No more goat tape!
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Product Features

  • DURABLE- Made with high quality real leather for long lasting and durability. These crossfit gloves will save you from spending a lot on hand grips for a long time.
  • GREAT GRIPS- Our pullup grips are designed to enhance comfort and provide a strong grip which will prevent your hands from rips and tears.
  • INTEGRATED WRIST SUPPORT- Designed with a velcro wrist support to provide a perfect fit and added support during deadlifts, chest to bar, gymnastics and much more..
  • FREE THUMB SLEEVES- Protect not only your palms but your fingers as well with our FREE thumb sleeve. No more goat tape! No more rips and tears!
  • AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT SIZEZ AND COLOURS- Our WOD grips are available in two colours and three sizes. The size chart is on the second image on the listing. Kindly use it to select the correct size.

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