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Get a firm grip on improving your fitness with premium workout gloves from ProFitness

A good workout requires dedication, effort and the right pair of gloves. That’s because protecting your hands when you’re lifting, doing pushups or pulling a drag rope is important for reducing calluses, sores and damaged skin. Get yourself a pair of ProFitness Workout Gloves and you’ll not only keep your hands safer, you’ll reduce stress and tension on your fingers, wrists and joints.

Stronger Wrist Support

These neoprene gloves boast silicone padded palms to improve your grip while the Velcro wrist straps helps keep them from sliding out of place and causing calluses or blisters. Gain the confidence you need to go for that extra set; get ProFitness Workout Gloves and keep your hands safe and strong.

Product Details:

  • Breathable Nylon Glove Body
  • Enhanced Silicone Non-Slip Grip
  • Flexible Velcro Closure
  • Adjustable Comfort Fit
  • Sweat Resistant
  • Unisex (Men and Women)
  • 30-Day Satisfaction

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Product Features

  • ENHANCED GRIP – The flexible neoprene gym gloves feature reinforced silicone-padded palms to improve your grip strength and control over lifting dumbbells, barbells and free weights.
  • STABILITY WRAPS – Each glove also features an attached, adjustable wrist wrap to improve comfort and reduce hand tension while doing curls, chin ups, pull ups or other bodybuilding exercises.
  • REDUCE INJURIES – The best cross training gloves for WODs, weightlifting and overall fitness, the breathable neoprene helps reduce sweat to keep hands dry and free from calluses and sores.
  • VERSATILE USES – Great for standard cross training and powerlifting workouts, these WOD gloves are also great for home gyms, rope climbing, and other indoor/outdoor exercises.
  • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION – ProFitness workout gloves are designed to be functional, comfortable and easier on your hands. If you don’t find all three attributes fit our gloves, return them within 60 days for a full refund.

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fenglei Workout Gloves, Light Microfiber & Anti-Slip Silica Gel Grip Gloves for Weightlifting, Training, Cross Fit, Fitness and ExerciseBlackS

Fenglei workout gloves are made of breathable material making them lightweight and durable at the same time. The gloves offer users better protection in all dimensions due to the non-slip silica gel palm grips and vibration reduction design. The gloves are made of humanized design, which provides a perfect comfortable wearing experience for anyone loves weightlifting, gym, bodybuilding, power lifting and pull ups. 

Package includes: 1 Pair Gloves 

Product Features

  • Multi-Purpose Gloves: Good Companion For Weightlifting, Gym Training, Pull Ups, Bodybuilding, Exercises, Shooting, Dumbbell/Barbell Lifting, And Other General Workouts.
  • Anti-Slip And Strong Protection: Non-Slip Silica Gel Palm Provide Great Grip, With Right Amount Of Foam Padding Cover The Palms Bring Maximum Cushion, Protects Against Pressure Or Possible Injury.
  • Comfortable: Made Of Lightweight Microfiber And Micro Mesh Cloth Are Breathable, Durable And Against Moisture Trap, Offers Excellent Using Experience.
  • Wrist Support: Integrated 18” Wrist Wraps Support For Adjustable Carpal Joint Protection And Protects From Being Sprained By Heavy Weight.
  • Humanized Half Mitts Design For Breathability And Flexibility: With Humanized Design, They Offer You Protection Without Limiting Your Movements.

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CFF Powder Coated Russian Kettlebell, 20kg

CFF K2 Series Powder Coated Russian Kettlebell Fast Free Shipping, Hassle Free Returns, Lifetime warranty CFF K2 Kettlebells – Start Training Today Kettlebell training develops strength, power, endurance and balance. Working out with kettlebells will sculpt and tone the entire body because lifting and controlling a kettlebell forces the entire body, and specifically the core, to contract as a group, building both strength and stability at the same time. Kettle bell workouts engage multiple muscle groups at once, making kettle bells a great option for getting a whole body workout in a short time. For any fitness levels: Ideal tool for both individual and group training; available in different sets to suit your needs. Available from 4kg-60kg The K2 Kettlebell has been designed to provide a superior, more comfortable grip than other kettlebells on the market. The handle has a smoother surface, just perfect amount of grip, to allow working out without irritation to your hands. Now you can use a kettlebell for a single or double handed swing, clean, snatch, dead lift, squat, hand stand push up, mounted pistol squats, lunge, or perform a Turkish get up and not have to worry about having to over chalk or losing your grip or balance due to sweat during your workout. Over the past few years, we have seen an exponential growth in Kettlebell workouts for women, that is why we have focused so much on the feel of the kettlebell. We wanted both men and women to feel comfortable with a CFF K2 Kettlebell regardless if the exercise is a swing, snatch, clean, pistol squat, Turkish getup’s, or training for your RKC Certification. CFF Powder Coated kettlebells – The Highest Quality at the most affordable prices! Matte Powder Coated Finish – Provides a superior grip with a chip resistant finish. Casting – Single cast gravity fed molds for maximum strength and consistency between kettlebells; no welds here. Flat bottoms – K2 Kettlebells have a machined flat bottom providing a stable platform to perform renegade rows, kettlebell push-ups, and other exercises requiring a kettlebell with a flat bottom. Weight – accurate within +/- .05 percent Trust CFF FIT – In Business since 2005! Fast free shipping with hassle free returns. – Shipment ships out within one business day of ordering!

Product Features

  • Matte powder coating provides superior grip compared to glossy enamel, and resists chipping
  • Kettlebell is from one solid cast, no welds
  • Flat bottom provides a stable base perfect for renegade rows
  • Easy to read sizing

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Gold Layered Over 316L Stainless Steel Fitness Gym Kettle Bell Necklace. Kettlebell 17mm, chain 18″ to 20″ adjustable length.

Gold Layered Over 316L Stainless Steel Fitness Gym Kettle Bell Necklace. Pendant 17mm, chain 18″ to 20″ adjustable length.

Product Features

  • Gold Layered Over 316L Stainless Steel
  • Fitness Gym Kettle Bell Necklace
  • Kettlebell 17mm
  • Chain 18″ to 20″ adjustable length
  • Made in USA

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Unipack Powder Coated Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell Weights Set- (10+15+20+25 lbs)

Unipack Kettlebell is the most highest quality and possible lowest price kettlebell you can find on Amazon. SUPERIOR QUALITY FOR LIFETIME TRAINING Premium-Quality Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell: Built to last without wear and tear – constructed of solid cast iron with no welds, weak spots, or seams. Great for training indoor & outdoor, whether at home or in the gym Flat Bottom: Our kettlebell features machined flat bottom making it easy to store and expand your exercises that a regular kettlebell does not offer Powder-Coated Cast Iron: Powder coated surface prevents corrosion and chip. The texture Increases durability and gives you better grip strength with no slipping in your hand like a glossy finish Large Round Handle: Unipack Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell features textured, solid handle for a non-slip, safe and comfortable grip with one or both hands, and easy for both men and women to use so you can push yourself to the limit. Available in different weights: 5 LBS, 10 LBS, 15 LBS, 20 LBS, 25 LBS, 30 LBS, 35 LBS, 40 LBS, 45 LBS HAVE A LIFETIME OF HEALTH BENEFITS WITH YOUR KETTLEBELLS •Improve strength, stamina and coordination •Increase lung and heart capacity •Prevent cardiovascular diseases, heart attack or strokes •Total body cardio workout, burn fat and effective toning •Works great for your stabilizing muscles – for active recovery •Improve movement, agility and speed USE FOR FITNESS IMPROVEMENTS AND CHALLENGES Turkish Get Up Single Dead Lift Two Handed Kettlebell Swing Kettlebell Squat and Lunges

Product Features

  • 10LB+15LB+20LB+25LB SET. PREMIUM-QUALITY SOLID CAST IRON KETTLEBELL: Constructed of solid cast iron with no welds, weak spots, or seams. Great for training indoor & outdoor
  • POWDER-COATED CAST IRON: Powder coated surface prevents corrosion and chip. The texture Increases durability and gives you better grip strength with no slipping in your hand like a glossy finish
  • FLAT BOTTOM FOR STABILITY: Machined flat bottom enable upright storage, ideal for renegade rows, kettlebell push ups, mounted pistol squats and other exercises requiring a kettlebell with a flat bottom
  • VERSATILE & FUNCTIONAL : Used for swings, deadlifts, squats, lifting, lunges, get-ups, snatches to workout and increase strength of many muscle groups & body parts including biceps, shoulders, legs and more…
  • LBS Marking on Both Sides: Makes Easy to Find and Identify the Weight of Kettlebell You Need

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Sunny Vinyl Coated Kettlebell (20-Pound)

Develop power, endurance and balance with Sunny Health & Fitness No. 066 Vinyl Coated Kettlebell. Increase the intensity of your workout with these high quality kettlebells that will sculpt and tone the entire body. Lifting and controlling forces the muscle targeting in the core, arms, and back while building strength and stability. Made out of high grad cast-iron material, it is great for training indoors and outdoors. Whether you workout at home or at your home gym, take them wherever you go. The Sunny Health Fitness Vinyl covered Kettlebell is the ideal choice for those seeking a special edge in strength and power.

Product Features

  • HIGH QUALITY VINYL COAT FINISH: Durable cast iron encased with color-coded vinyl prevents corrosion, increases durability and protects flooring. Featured in multiple weights varying from 5 to 25 lbs.
  • WIDE HANDLES: Smooth, high-quality textured handle provides a comfortable & secure grip for high reps and slow controlled movements. You can also do a multitude of ballistic and grind exercises.
  • FLAT BOTTOM: Flat base allows upright storage. It also makes it easier to hold in push-up postion, renegade rows, mounted pistol squats & other exercises requiring a kettlebell with a flat bottom.
  • FOR ALL FITNESS ENTHUSIASTS: Kettlebells can be used by crossfitters, strength trainers, sports performance, HIIT workouts etc. Build up your cardio and muscular endurance with the all-in-one fitness equipment. Used for swings, deadlifts, squats.
  • ERGONOMIC: Compact kettlebell size allows you to take your weights to the park, gym or on the go. Use these cannonball-shaped workout tools to get a leaner and tighter figure.

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Trideer Double Protection Weight Lifting Gloves, Padded Gym Gloves for Extra Grip, Breathable & Ultralight Workout Gloves for Men & Women (Silver, XL (Fits 8.2-9.0 Inches))

Exercise is easier on Trideer
Trideer Weight Lifting Gloves, Gym training sport fitness bodybuilding workout exercise glove are ideal for men/women/trainers/athletes/beginners.
Our gloves are made from breathable material so your hands won’t overheat, while the padding on the palm protects and helps to hold your grip.

Product Description:
– Does NOT Bleed From the Dye Inside
– Strategically Padded Palms for Extra Comfort and Grip
– Carefully Crafted With Premium Quality microfibre material and Reinforced Stitching

Size Chart:
S: 6.3-6.7inch / 16-17cm
M: 6.7-7.5inch / 17-19cm
L: 7.5-8.2inch / 19-21cm
XL:8.2-9.0inch / 21-23cm
Pls measure the circumference of your hands (as picture) by measuring tape and compare with the chart to know the size of your gloves.

Cleaning tips
1. Preferred washed by hand. You only need to soak the gloves with soap, then rub and wash, dry it in the shade.
2. If washed by machine, it is better to put the gloves into the laundry bag to reduce the likelihood of deformation.
3. Never use hot water, bleach and other strong acid wash, and do not bask in the sun, because the material organization will be destroyed easily, which will cause pilling, fabric loose and gloves deformation and so on.

1. Warranty period: 12 months from the date of purchase.
2. Our gloves are true to size but if you are between two sizes choose the smaller size.
3. If your not thrilled, simply contact our reliable customer service team and you will receive unmatched personal assistance.

Product Features

  • ❤ KIND NOTICE ❤ All Trideer branded products are sold exclusively by Trideer. Please always check the seller information before your purchase !❤
  • ✔ ALL-PURPOSE GLOVES: Suitable for Weight Lifting, weighted training, cross training, power lifting, pull up & general workouts, bodybuilding, cycling , etc.
  • ✔ DOUBLE PROTECTION on BOTH the PALM&BACK of YOUR HANDS: Lock Padding on the Palm and Every Finger to offer a stronger grip and PREVENT FROM BLISTER; And the backing SILICA GEL can also protect the back of your hands.
  • ✔ STYLISH DESIGNS to MAKE YOU STAND OUT FROM THE CROWDED: Two Golden/Pink/Purple lines on the back make it more stylish&classic. Made from high quality yet lightweighed microfiber to allow for a comfortable workout.

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Preeyawadee Genuine Leather Hand Grips for Crossfit, Power Lifting, Kettlebell Swings, and Pull Ups (s)

Product Features

  • Protect your hands from calluses while doing kipping pullups , muscle ups , benching , toes to bars , dips , and using barbells or dumbells
  • Reduce slipping from weights and bars to prevent injury from dropping heavy weight
  • Includes free vinyl carrying case , easy to wash and keep clean , and throw in your gym bag
  • 3 sizes to choose from , for a perfect fit
  • Comfortable on your palms , and stays put with Velcro wrist strap

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CFF Monster Russian Kettlebell – 44kg “The Bull”

CFF Black “Monster” Russian Kettlebells – 44 kg/96.8 lbs “The Bull”

These are the biggest, baddest kettlebells we’ve got. With weights starting at 36kg (79.2lbs), and ranging all the way up to 72kg (158.4lbs), our Black “Monster” Russian Kettlebells provide a real test of strength. Each is made from a single, solid casting (including the handle), and they’re finished in high gloss, black enamel.

• durable, single casting (including handle)
• black enamel finish
• handle thickness: ranges 37mm – 42mm (depending on weight)
• 5.5″ space inside between the handle
• stable flat bottom
• Available in 8 sizes:
•36kg (79.2lb) “The Crusher”
•40kg (88.0lb) “The Destroyer”
•44kg (96.8lb) “The Bull”
•48kg (105.6lb) “The Reaper”
•52kg (114.4lb) “Big Betty”
•56kg (123.2lb) “Goliath”
•60kg (132.0lb) “Titan”
•72kg (158.2lb) “Dementor”

Product Features

  • Looking for a bigger kettlebell? Will you be able to tame one of these 32-72kg (79-158lb) monsters?
  • durable, single casting (including handle)
  • black enamel finish
  • 5.5″ space inside between the handle
  • stable flat bottom
  • One solid casting with a black enamel finish
  • Handle is 42mm in diameter and has 5.5″ spacing between sides
  • Flat bottom provides a stable base which is perfect for renegade rows
  • Weight is printed on side for easy determination of size (in kilograms)
  • Smooth, high quality handle for extended use

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RIMSports Weight Lifting Gloves for Gym – Gym Gloves w/Washable-Ideal Rowing Gloves,Workout Gloves, Training Gloves,Support Gloves-Premium Gloves for Lifting Weights (Black L)

About RIMSports

RIMSports’ We know you need to support your wrists when lifting free weights, protect your hands while doing your forearm headstand, and comfortably fold your knuckles when delivering that hook punch. We get it! Our gloves are made from breathable material so your hands won’t overheat, while the padding on the palm protects and helps to hold your grip. RIMSports’ products are made to fit your lifestyle


Durability : Unlike cheaper gloves that use rubber and foam, we use leather and spandex, which make our products more durable and workout safe.

Comfort : While the majority of the available workout gloves use the traditional across the wrist strap, which can often be restricting and uncomfortable, our wide velcro latch is diagonal, providing flexibility and movement.

Support : Some workout gloves are designed simply for show and so they cannot be used for heavy weight lifting; our gloves are made for show and support, giving you the versatility you desire.

Our gloves are true to size but if you are between two sizes choose the smaller size.

Product Features

  • FUNCTIONALITY: RIMSports’ gym gloves are the ideal lifting gloves that can serve as both women weights gym gloves. These workout gloves are made from lightweight material to allow for a comfortable workout. Our training gloves are also designed to support lifting weights for gym weights for women, and are perfect for workout with weights or using the flexibility machine. RIMSport’s training gloves were also created to aid with gym weights and can function as wraps gloves
  • VERSATILITY: You can use our RIMSports’ weight lifting gloves as ladies gloves,workout gloves, gym gloves, rowing gloves, lifting gloves, biking gloves, support gloves, training grips, on gym weights equipment, on bar weights for women, with the aerobics ball, doing cross training, using core fitness dumbells, and any other workout activities that require protection for your hands. These lifting gloves are also designed with no slip contact padding to give a firmer hold
  • QUALITY: These fingerless workout gloves are produced from fabric that is breathable, so less perspiration accumulates and your hands move freely when lifting weights. Additionally, unlike other gym gloves, our weights lifting gloves are constructed with 100% leather and spandex for long-lasting durability. RIMSports produce lifting gloves women love because they are washable (hand wash) and can maintain its original high quality for years to come.
  • STRENGTH: These are the best weightlifting gloves women prefer to use, because it helps you strengthen your body, while protecting your hands from calluses and blisters. They are also very robust and durable, and provide superior cushioning on the palm side, so you can grip with confidence. Moreover, these gym workout gloves are lightweight and the diagonal velcro strap holds the gloves securely in place, so when you bend your wrists the strap will stay in place.
  • DIVERSITY: Unlike our competitors that only serve up three colours and standard sizes, #rimsports gloves for women provide you with a range of colors and sizes, giving you the freedom of choice! Why should you settle for baby blue if purple is more your style! These super stylish gloves are on fleek because they give you the support you need, and protection you expect, from RIMSports!

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