RKC Russian Kettlebell – (106 lbs -48kg) (Dragon Door)

“THE BEAST”-Dragon Door’s 106lb (48kg) Russian Kettlebell-Accelerates Strength Gains, Builds Dense, Hard Muscle and Dramatically Intensifies Your Conditioning.

Dragon Door’s heaviest and most brutal strength and conditioning tool, the 106lb cast iron kettlebell-nicknamed “THE BEAST”-is also one of our most popular kettlebells.


The answer is leverage… You can use THE BEAST to perform many of the classic kettlebell strength and conditioning methods-but with far greater intensity…

Strengthen your back and legs with a few sets of front squats or deadlifts, without having to leave your office or home. Drive yourself to new levels of cardio with some heart-pounding swings. Develop your chest and arms when you clean THE BEAST. Then snatch THE BEAST to shatter your previous training plateaus and eliminate any hint of weakness in any part of your frame.

And then shoot for the ultimate challenge: perform and master the pistol, the press and the weighted tactical pullup-with a 106lb kettlebell attached to your waist!

Product Features

  • 106 lbs / 48 kg
  • Powerful tool to aid weight loss and muscle gain
  • Official RKC Russian Kettlebell
  • Rust Resistant & Smooth, comfortable grip

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