Kettlercise Ignite | Intermediate to Advanced | New Home Exercise/Workout DVD for 2017! [Pre-Order now for Release on December 26th!]

The latest Edition from Kettlercise; the follow up from Amazon’s #1 Best Seller Lean IN 14. Ignite is designed for those already familiar with a Kettlebell looking to take their training to the next level. These programs are NOT for everyone… They aren’t for you if you have not bought any of our other DVD’s like Kettlercise® Lean IN 14, Just for Men, Just for Women, Unplugged or never even picked up a Kettlebell before… If you haven’t then this DVD is definitely NOT for you! However… It is definitely for you if you have prior experience in any of the above areas… PLUS if you fancy something to just ‘give you that extra special boost’ in your training. Workout 1: ‘After Burn’ Program Anoushka Moore Takes you through your paces with this full on workout using the Legendary Kettlebell complexes, which we refer to as ‘fat melters’ for a complete all over body workout. Approx Run Time: 30 mins Workout 2: ‘Detonator’ Program Stacey Waite steps up to deliver a 30 minute traditional Kettlercise Workout using the BSM system of training. To give it its techincal name, you may know it as EPOC (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption). Some people seem to think that this could be the secret to faster fat loss and with some New Exercise ‘tweaks’ … who are we to argue! Approx Run Time: 30 mins Workout 3: ‘Melt Down’ Program Anoushka Moore returns to give you (as the name suggests) a non-stop calorie crunching half hour, blending Kettlebells with body weight exercise to deliver cardio chaos at its best… be prepared, I did warn you! Approx Run Time: 30 mins

Product Features

  • Brand New Release from Kettlercise
  • Follows on from the #1 Best-Seller ‘Lean IN 14’
  • 3 x 30 Minute Intermediate to Advanced Kettlebell Routines/Workouts

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KettleX Advanced Kettlebell DVD – Lorna Kleidman – region 0

KettleX is a complete workout that will help you achieve your best results in minimal time! No matter your fitness level, KettleX will scorch fat, trim your waistline and strengthen and stabilize your entire body. Lorna’s one-of-a-kind descriptions and easy to follow routines make this intense workout fun and effective, getting you real results in the privacy of your own home!
Instructor’s name: Lorna Kleidman

Type of Workout: Toning

Fitness Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Equipment Needed: 2 Kettlebells
Total Running Time: 42 Minutes

Release Date: 2014

Region: 0 (Worldwide) This is a DVD-R
•Tutorial◦Play All (10 Minutes)
◦Exercise Selection (Demonstrates 4 Exercises)

•Warm Up (4 Minutes)
•Start Workout (24 Minutes)
•Cool Down (4 Minutes)

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Natalie Jill 7 Day Jumpstart Total Bodyweight Advanced DVD – Region0 worldwide

You do not have to do endless hours of cardio or beat up your body to get results. You can use your own body weight and progress your training, taking your body and fitness to incredible new levels. As Natalie Jill demonstrated in her original Rev4TM DVD program, short, intense bodyweight workouts work! Total Body Weight Advanced is the more advanced version of Rev4. There are 2 workouts that are each approximately 15 minutes long. The exercises are done in intervals. They are ADVANCED and INTENSE, but I show you how to modify if needed. You start each workout with the warm up followed by your choice of two main workouts finished with a cool down. As an Added Bonus, Natalie has invited two of her favorite fitness friends, Brett Hoebel from the Biggest LoserTM and Tamilee Webb, Star of Buns of SteelTM Series to share their ‘must have’ exercise About the Instructor: Natalie Jill is a Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist and Functional Fitness Trainer who has helped millions of people across the globe better their lives by helping them reach their health, fitness and weight loss goals. She is the creator of the very successful 7-Day Jump StartTM and 4 Week Jump StartTM programs. Instructor’s name: Natalie Jill Type of Workout: Aerobics & Toning (Total Body Toning) Fitness Level: Advanced Equipment Needed: None Total Running Time: 47 Minutes Release Date: 2015 Region: 0 (Worldwide)

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Kettlebell Bombshell Advanced Kettle Bell Workout [DVD] [2012] [US Import]

Editorial Reviews It’s no secret that the kettlebell is the most effective training tool on the market today. Lisa Balash, the creator of Kettlebell Bombshell, is proud to bring you Kettlebell Bombshell Volume 2: The Advanced Workout, a special double-length program for serious kettlebell enthusiasts. In Volume 2, you first reinforce techniques from the original DVD and then learn advanced exercises that will further accelerate your results! This epic-length DVD (over 2 hours and 20 minutes!) eliminates the guesswork from your kettlebell routine as Lisa’s training method combines exercises which benefit you the most and not waste your time. The 3 workouts contained on the DVD are designed to blast fat, get your heart pumping and sculpt your body. This is a fast paced work-out that is designed with your personal goals in mind. Take your training to the next level and become your very own kettlebell bombshell with the Kettlebell Bombshell Volume 2: Advanced Workout DVD.

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Kettlercise Lean-IN-14 Kettlebell DVD 4 Disc Collection NEW FOR 2016 FROM BEGINNER TO ADVANCED [2016]

FREE Online Resource Ultimate Guide Includes: Workout Plans, Full Nutritional Plan, Success Tips and much much more. Brand NEW Release from the Creators of the Kettlercise® Group Fitness system. Start the New Year with a NEW YOU! Have you got what it takes to lose up to 14lbs in 14 days? This NEW 4 Disc Home Workout DVD Set has everything you need to follow our step by step success formula including: Here’s What’s Included: It’s split into 6 x 30 minute NEW workouts and caters for all abilities with: 2 Beginner Programs, 2 Intermediate Workouts and for those that really want to push themselves to a new heights 2 Advanced Genesis Style sessions. Disc 1: ‘Beginner’ Program, Stacey Waite ‘Kettlercise Faculty Instructor’ is your Trainer for the two Beginner Workouts. Both of these 30 minute sessions will get you very quickly up to speed on the NEW Kettlercise ‘Lean IN-14’ system. Disc 2: ‘Intermediate’ Program Anouska Moore renown Fitness Presenter and part of the Kettlercise®Training Team will take you through the two 30 minute intermediate programs as she says ‘Strong is the New Sexy’. Disc 3: ‘Advanced’ Program The man himself Guy Noble creator of Kettlercise and the ‘NEW Genesis Style System’ begins to put some serious complexes together… now you can watch your calorie burn soar in the ‘Ultimate Advanced Section’ with two 30 minutes full on intense workouts. Disc 4: ‘Instructional’ Program Guy is joined by Faculty instructor Mandy Cooke to guide you through each exercise to make sure you have the essentials covered before you begin your Kettlercise ‘LEAN IN-14’ Journey. Let Guy Noble and the Kettlercise® Team take things to an all NEW level whether you are a complete Kettlebell novice or a seasoned Kettlercise® fanatic you are going to find something here to take your training up a gear no matter where you are right now with your training!

Product Features

  • FREE Online Resource Ultimate Guide Includes: Workout Plans, Full Nutritional Plan, Success Tips and much much more.
  • 4 Disc-DVD Set
  • 6 NEW 30 minute Workouts from Beginner to Advanced Levels
  • Approx: 220 mins run time

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Kettlebell Advanced 2 Disc DVD Set

The Kettlebell Advanced DVD is designed for those wanting to progress to double handed kettlebell drills and increase both strength & power. Now you can progress from the previously released Begginner and Intermediate DVD’s to an advanced kettlebell drills! Guy Noble the UK’s No 1 Kettlebell Trainer coaches you step by step through the Advanced techniques breaking down each movement step by step BEFORE you progress to the 12 week workout plans. This really is THE most comprehensive and complete Advanced instruction on kettlebell drills and workouts ever, teaching you how to use them safely but with great emphasis on technique for maximum impact. A MUST for any one that has already completed the Beginner & Intermediate DVD’s and ultimatley wants to take their training to the next level and increase overall strength and power. Over 2 hrs of footage. Each DVD comes complete with new workouts PLUS the added bonus of 12 week training plans – we thought of eveything so you dont have to………..practical easy to follow programs that delivers results.

Product Features

  • Kettlebell Advanced 2 Disc DVD Set
  • Includes 12 Week Training Workout Program With Weekly Progressions
  • Step by Step Advanced Kettlebell drills, coaching and training delivered by the UK’s No 1 Kettlebell Trainer Guy Noble. Let Guy coach you through the Advanced DVD and master kettlebell drills – increase power and strength for maximum effectiveness
  • Running Time Approx 145 mins running time in total – 2 DVD’s
  • The Ultimate Advanced Kettlebell Training Package – complete with double handed drills, training workouts and plans

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