Natalie Jill 7 Day Jumpstart Total Bodyweight Beginner DVD – Region0 worldwide

It does not take fancy equipment or expensive gym memberships! You also do not have to spend countless hours or do lot’s of high impact exercises to change your body. Each of the 3 Total Body Weight Beginner workouts are approximately 10 minutes long. There is an upper body, lower body and full body workout. The exercises are done in 30-second intervals. These workouts are designed for BEGINNERS , but I show you how to progress and make them more challenging, as you get stronger. You start each workout with the warm up followed by your choice of three main total body workouts finished with a cool down. There are no weights or machines needed ; just your own body weight and a sturdy chair! As an Added Bonus, Natalie has invited her fitness mentor Tamilee Webb, Star of the Buns of SteelTM series to share a few of her favorite lower body exercises About the Instructor: Natalie Jill is a Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist and Functional Fitness Trainer who has helped millions of people across the globe better their lives by helping them reach their health, fitness and weight loss goals. She is the creator of the very successful 7-Day Jump StartTM and 4 Week Jump StartTM programs. Instructor’s name: Natalie Jill Type of Workout: Toning (Total Body) Fitness Level: Beginner Equipment Needed: None Total Running Time: 47 Minutes Release Date: 2015 Region: 0 (Worldwide) Chapters: •Intro – 1:45 Minutes •Warm Up – 2 Minutes •Beginner Upper – 10 Minutes •Beginner Lower – 9:30 Minutes •Beginner Full Body – 9 Minutes •Cool Down – 3 Minutes •Play All •Extra – 11:30 Minutes (workout with Tamilee). Also has Safely Tips & Credits

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Cross Training WOD Bible: 555 Workouts from Beginner to Ballistic (Bodyweight Training, Kettlebell Workouts, Strength Training, Build Muscle, Fat Loss, Bodybuilding, Home Workout, Gymnastics)

The Ultimate Cross Training WOD Book!

A Comprehensive Guide to Cross Training, Including 555 Workouts Designed to Obliterate Fat, Build Muscle, Get Strong & Increase Endurance


Let me ask you a few quick questions…

Are you tired of spending endless hours walking on the treadmill?

Are you sick of following the same workout regime week after week?

Are you training hard, yet struggling to see results?

Do you struggle to find time to get in a proper workout?

Do you want to build explosive athletic power and strength, along with unbreakable confidence and a mindset to match?

If you answered ‘Yes!’to any of these questions then this book is a MUST READ

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn Inside…

  • A Comprehensive List Of The Health Benefits Of Cross Training
  • In Depth Terminology To Help You Understand And Master Exercise & Workout Abbreviations
  • Recommended Cross Training Equipment (Get The Best ‘Bang’ For Your Buck)
  • Beginner WODs
  • Benchmark WODs
  • Bodyweight WODs (**No Equipment Required**)
  • Running WODs
  • Rowing WODs
  • Kettlebell WODs
  • Olympic Lifting WODs
  • Strongman WODs
  • Heavy Maximum Exertion WODs
  • Epic Endurance Challenges For The Seasoned Athlete
  • Much, much more!

Hurry! Download “Cross Training WOD Bible: 555 Workouts from Beginner to Ballistic” now – shouldn’t your health & fitness be your #1 priority?


Tags: Cross Training, WODs, WOD Bible, Build Muscle, Fat Loss, Increase Endurance, Bodyweight Exercises, Kettle Bell

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Kettlercise Lean-IN-14 Kettlebell DVD 4 Disc Collection NEW FOR 2016 FROM BEGINNER TO ADVANCED [2016]

FREE Online Resource Ultimate Guide Includes: Workout Plans, Full Nutritional Plan, Success Tips and much much more. Brand NEW Release from the Creators of the Kettlercise® Group Fitness system. Start the New Year with a NEW YOU! Have you got what it takes to lose up to 14lbs in 14 days? This NEW 4 Disc Home Workout DVD Set has everything you need to follow our step by step success formula including: Here’s What’s Included: It’s split into 6 x 30 minute NEW workouts and caters for all abilities with: 2 Beginner Programs, 2 Intermediate Workouts and for those that really want to push themselves to a new heights 2 Advanced Genesis Style sessions. Disc 1: ‘Beginner’ Program, Stacey Waite ‘Kettlercise Faculty Instructor’ is your Trainer for the two Beginner Workouts. Both of these 30 minute sessions will get you very quickly up to speed on the NEW Kettlercise ‘Lean IN-14’ system. Disc 2: ‘Intermediate’ Program Anouska Moore renown Fitness Presenter and part of the Kettlercise®Training Team will take you through the two 30 minute intermediate programs as she says ‘Strong is the New Sexy’. Disc 3: ‘Advanced’ Program The man himself Guy Noble creator of Kettlercise and the ‘NEW Genesis Style System’ begins to put some serious complexes together… now you can watch your calorie burn soar in the ‘Ultimate Advanced Section’ with two 30 minutes full on intense workouts. Disc 4: ‘Instructional’ Program Guy is joined by Faculty instructor Mandy Cooke to guide you through each exercise to make sure you have the essentials covered before you begin your Kettlercise ‘LEAN IN-14’ Journey. Let Guy Noble and the Kettlercise® Team take things to an all NEW level whether you are a complete Kettlebell novice or a seasoned Kettlercise® fanatic you are going to find something here to take your training up a gear no matter where you are right now with your training!

Product Features

  • FREE Online Resource Ultimate Guide Includes: Workout Plans, Full Nutritional Plan, Success Tips and much much more.
  • 4 Disc-DVD Set
  • 6 NEW 30 minute Workouts from Beginner to Advanced Levels
  • Approx: 220 mins run time

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