Kettlebell Workout for beginners: A 21-day plan to burning fat, packing on muscle and getting ripped.

The ultimate guide to burning fat, packing on muscle and getting that lean, ripped look of your dreams has arrived!

Do you want to find a way to rapidly burn fat while still packing on muscle? Do you need to burn fat without feeling fatigued or having low energy levels? Are you sick of not being able to stick to a diet because of the limited food options?

If so, Kettlebell workout for beginners is for you!

The kettlebell workout for beginners, is a 21 day plan to kick start your body transformation and is a step by step guide to seeing dramatic results in just 3 weeks!

In this book you will find a detailed step by step guide on the exercises you can do with kettlebells and how to perform them. A guide to which exercises to use for what (e.g. building muscle, building strength or burning fat.)

PLUS: a companion nutrition guide!

As well as a guide on the basics of kettlebell exercises, this book contains a in depth 21 day guide that hits a different set of muscles every day to keep your body guessing! It gives a comprehensive guide to which exercises to do each day to see dramatic results.

Some of the exercises include:

– Multiple types of kettlebell swings
– Kettlebell deadlifts
– Kettlebell snatch
– Multiple styles of Kettlebell rows
– as well as a detailed ABS guide, that gives numerous exercises that focus on your core strength to help you get the abs you’ve always dreamed of!
and many many more!

What are you waiting for?


Add this book to your cart and start burning fat and building muscle today!

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Bob Harper Beginner’s Weight Loss Transformation [DVD]

Whether this is your first time working out, or it’s just been a while, now is the time to drop pounds and renovate your body to its best form! Push yourself harder and punch-up your heart rate to annihilate calories, attack fat and reconstruct your body completely. Beginner’s Weight Loss Transformation uses weights and body resistance to perfect your form for optimal weight loss and muscle-toning performance. My Trainer Bob leads you through each dynamic movement to activate all muscle groups, keeping you in constant motion for a maximum cardio-heightening, fat-blasting workout. Learn how to engage your core from start to finish, and compress each muscle movement for results you can see and feel. Achieve this supreme beginner workout, and accomplish your fitness goals.

Workout 1: Beginner’s Weight Loss Transformation
46 minutes of non-stop muscle-building drills will pump your heart rate and burn fat for a complete beginner’s body workout. Leave excess pounds and calories in the dust as you race through Bob’s dynamic combinations, focusing on key muscle groups and cardiovascular conditioning. Feel the energy surge through your muscles as they obliterate fat and uncover a leaner, stronger you.

Workout 2: 10-Minute Beginner Abs
Get in, and get out, with this hard-driving abdominal workout. Challenge your endurance and range of motion with an expedited variety of ab-shredding maneuvers to sharpen your core and benefit your entire body.


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Ultimate Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners DVD

With master instructor Paul Katami The right way to use these calorie-torching body shapers 3 workouts step-by-step instruction with safety tips Discover the secrets of this highly effective workout system Kettlebell weights have been popular for centuries, and today more people than ever are discovering their incredible benefits. Combining strength and aerobic training, kettlebell workouts are proven to burn calories while improving muscle tone and flexibility. They activate the whole body for a powerful, dynamic, and efficient way to exercise. Proper form is absolutely essential for safety and to reap the full rewards of this exercise system. Designed and led by Paul Katami, Hollywood s top kettlebell instructor, this program provides a comprehensive introduction to kettlebells in three 25-minute workouts. The first workout features a tutorial emphasizing correct technique. The second puts the moves into easy-to-learn drills and combinations. The third workout concentrates on the core and gets you stronger from the inside out. As you perfect the skills, you can add more weight and repetitions, matching the routine to your pace. You ll see and feel results in no time! Certified by the American Council on Exercise and other organizations, Paul Katami has more than 20 years of experience as a fitness professional and works with the nation s premier gyms. Equipment needed: One kettlebell

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Raise Some Bell – The Ultimate Kettlebell Workout with Amy Dixon – Beginners & Beyond

RAISE SOME BELL – THE ULTIMATE KETTLEBELL WORKOUT flawlessly combines traditional kettlebell exercises with current conditioning techniques for incredibly effective results. This 40-minute workout is designed to tone your legs, chisel your arms and abs, and torch fat as you push your cardio capacity to the limit. Dig deep, find your fire and RAISE SOME BELL!

• RAISE SOME BELL – THE ULTIMATE KETTLEBELL CORE WORKOUT is a powerfully dynamic 7-minute program that blends the best of traditional kettlebell core exercises – like twists and chops – with a hint of cardio to fire up your calorie burn.

• RAISE SOME BELL – KETTLEBELL 101 is a quick, five-minute kettlebell training guide that breaks down essential kettlebell basics. Learn proper grip, skills and techniques for getting maximum results while working out with a kettlebell. Before you RAISE SOME BELL,
be sure to check out this tutorial.

Product Features

  • Kettlebell Workout
  • Amy Dixon

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Kettlebell Workouts For Beginners: Essential Kettlebell Exercises to Build Strong Muscles and Have a Healthy Body

The kettlebells have been used in many centuries for ballistic training by athletes. They have become the ultimate forms of exercises since they work out all the muscles of the body at once. The bells are effective mostly for strengthening and flexing the muscles of the body, from the toes to the upper part of the body. There are different techniques that are meant to have effect on different body muscles. Most of the professional trainers in the world have adopted the use of the kettlebells to keep their players in form by strengthening their muscles. However, the use of this training kits should be done in a professional way to avoid injuries. This is however mostly in the case of beginners. By the end of this book, you will progress to the more skilled level and not just the beginner.

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