Bob Harper Inside Out Method Body Rev Cardio Conditioning DVD – Region 0 Worldwide

If you’ve got heart, you can get results. Your heart is the most vital muscle in your body; the engine that keeps you alive. In this ultimate cardio workout, Bob takes you through a series of explosive, non-stop drills in all three planes of motion that gets your heart rate pumping to maximum fat burning capacity. Optimize your powerhouse, and defy limitations, with a calorie igniting, weight loss fueling workout that will improve your cardiovascular system, increase energy, and enhance endurance, so you blaze away fat and transform your body! Workout 1 – An intense hour of explosive, heart rate accelerating cardio. Try to keep up with Bob and his team as they push you harder and faster than you thought you could go.Workout 2 – 25 minutes of turbo charged body shaping cardio that allows you to target trouble spots when time is limited.

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30 Minutes To Fitness Live Amped Up Cardio – Kelly Coffey-Meyer – Region0 worldwide

“Amped Up Cardio” was filmed in front of a LIVE audience so that you can enjoy a group fitness class in your own home. There are two 30-minute workouts that are upbeat, fun and challenging. These two workouts offer a unique infusion of boxing, basic aerobic moves, plyometrics, calisthenics, and core work that will help you burn calories and get in shape. These action-packed workouts are designed to trim down your waistline, tone up your arms/legs/glutes, and improve your overall strength. You will enjoy every fun, challenging, and sweaty minute as time flies by! Amped Up Cardio LIVE offers additional workout options, including a quick Drill Mix, that will quickly and effectively blast your entire body on those busy days when even 30 minutes is too long. Instructor’s name: Kelly Coffey-Meyer Type of Workout: Aerobics (Mixed Impact) Fitness Level: Intermediate-Advanced Equipment Needed: None Total Running Time: 60 minutes Release Date: 2016 Region: 0 (Worldwide) Chapters: Workout One – 30 Minutes Workout Two – 30 Minutes Premixes (All have Warm Up and Stretch) Combined Workouts – 56 Minutes Combined Workouts No Drills – 44 Minutes Workout One No Drills – 23 Minutes Workout Two No Drills – 24 Minutes All Drills – 22 Minutes Region 0 DVD which can play anywhere around the world.

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Rhythmica Dance Cardio Party DVD – Region0 worldwide

This dance cardio workout is so fun, users wont even realize theyre exercising! Each dance routine has a Latin vibe, while providing a lot of variety and burning mega calories. DVD INCLUDES: 3 20-Minute Workouts Get Fit House Party This segment features house music and the latest dance moves. You ll feel like you re in a nightclub instead of your home. Latin Dance Mix Rooted in Latin dance basics, this segment takes the user through an international dance party routine. Hip Hop Fat Burn You ll burn calories and tone up while doing your favorite old school hip-hop party moves.

Chapters: Play All Hip Hop Fat Burn Latin Dance Party Get Fit House Party

Instructor’s name: Marc Santa Maria Type of Workout: Aerobics Fitness Level: Intermediate Equipment Needed: None Total Running Time: 60 Minutes Workouts: Hip Hop Dance Party: 21 minutes Latin Dance Party: 19.5 minutes Get Fit House Party: 20.5 minutes Total Workout Time: 61 minutes Release Date: 2011 Region: 0 (Worldwide)

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30 Minutes To Fitness Cardio Pump – Kelly Coffey Meyer – Region0 worldwide

This DVD has two 30 minute workouts that are packed with effective abdominal and core moves from start to finish! Whether you do the complete 30 minute workouts or simply choose to do a 10 minute segment, you will strengthen your abs, trim your waistline and truly improve your overall core function. The exercises included are standing waistline moves, plank work training and various effective sit up variations all targeting the core area. 30 MTF Abs & Core attacks your midsection from all angles to get you real results faster! It’s time to stop doing sit ups that are ineffective and harmful to your back and start using 30 MTF Abs & Core. This DVD is a compilation of the abs/waistline/core work from Kelly’s previous releases. Now instead of finding which DVD to go to for your preferred ab workout, just press play on this compilation DVD and chose your favourite. It’s never too late to have the body you want – and that includes great abs! Instructor’s name: Kelly Coffey-Meyer Type of Workout: Toning (Core) Fitness Level: Intermediate Equipment Needed: None Total Running Time: 65 Minutes Release Date: 2015 Region: 0 (Worldwide)

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Ultimate Cardio Body Extreme Weight Loss Workout DVD – Bob Harper -Region 0 Worldwide

Buckle down for a hypersonic cardiovascular roller coaster ride with Bob’s, Extreme Cardio Workout. Crush hundreds of calories with fast paced plane-changing movements, demanding total core engagement, and driving muscles forward as they race against your flying heart rate. Every inch of your body will burn as cutting-edge weight-wielding maneuvers command complete cardio and muscular activation, to demolish fat calories, pound for pound. Tower above your highest level and watch fat melt away as you pick up speed and exhibit excellent form with every unrelenting go-round. Stopping is not an option. Let’s go!
WORKOUT 1: Extreme Cardio Challenge One hour of high-level cardiovascular weight training incinerates calories as ou push through each and every critical movement. Hone in on key muscle groups, beginning with the lower body to jump-start your heart rate, setting your legs and glutes on fire. Advance to the upper body for an unabridged, electrifying workout, targeting the arms, chest and back. Feel yourself sweat as you breathe through continuous, rapid motion, pushing your cardio workout to the next level.
WORKOUT 2: 10-Minute Glute Challenge Key combinations of small-range motion and core strength work to micro-target your glutes for an essential workout in 10 minutes flat. Slow and controlled movements isolate the lower half to blast fat and refine muscle tone in fundamental regions of the body. Think glutes and feel the burn long after you’ve completed this vigorous 10-minute workout. PUSH YOURSELF OUT OF THE BOX!
Instructor’s name: Bob Harper

Type of Workout: Aerobics & Toning

Fitness Level: High Intermediate-Advanced

Equipment Needed: Hand Weights
Total Running Time: 78 Minutes

Warm-Up: (stretching) 4 minutes

Aero-tone Intervals: 58 minutes

Cool Down (stretch): 2 minutes

Chapter selections

Extreme Cardio Challenge 60 minutes

Glute Challenge: 13 minutes

Bonus Material

Release Date: 2011

Region: 0 (Worldwide)

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GoFit Brook Benton Cardio Pump Kettlebell Workout 75 Minutes DVD – White, 5.5 x .5 x 7.5-Inch

CardioPump Fusion takes the mundane out of your aerobic routine. Shock your body with this intense fusion of Power Yoga, Bootcamp, Kickboxing, Plyometrics and Sports Drills. Also, Mix things up with Brook’s two featured Kettlebell workouts. Put a fork in your stale workout and open your mind to an alternative where you can have it all; a change, a challenge and a total body metamorphosis.

Product Features

  • Cardio program from one of America’s top trainers.
  • Running Time: 75 Minutes
  • Standard DVD format

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RWG – Weight & Cardio Training Pro

Product Features

  • Easily return to the workouts you love with one click!
  • Give each workout a name as you complete it, so that you can repeat it later.
  • Over 100 weight exercises including the basics: bench press, squat, military press, barbell curls and so much more.
  • 11 Fat-burning Kettlebell exercises including kettlebell swings, windmills, turkish get-ups and more!
  • 9 Cardio options including running, cycling, rowing and more.
  • An automatic workout timer
  • A built-in workout interval timer

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Bob Harper Kettlebell: Cardio Shred

It’s time to transform! Get ready for a non-stop, maximum fat burning routine to shred every muscle in your body. Featuring 54 minutes of accelerated cardio, and the power of kettlebell training, this latest edition of the Inside Out Method DVD Series will transform your body for ultimate results. Kettlebell Cardio Shred introduces total body resistance control to Bob’s high-intensity circuits, for a commanding, calorie-destroying workout. Define your body, boost and challenge all limitations.

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