iiSPORT Mens Weightlifting Gloves with 47 Centimeter Wrist Wrap – Workout Gym Fitness Cross Gloves Black

iiSPORT Weight Lifting Gloves with 47CM Wrist Wrap
About iiSPORT: We pay more attention on item material,design & quality to produce best workout gloves ( calluses and blisters guard, hand protection, anti-slip, no palm & stitching rip,power-grip, excellent wrist support and exceptional fit)

Programs: Mainly used for Weightlifting,dumbbell,Powerlifting, Fitness & Cross Training, Crossfit(WOD),Bodybuilding and Medium-Heavy Gym Workout, such as Dumbbell lifts, heavy Barbell lifting, Pull ups, chin ups and other strength exercises, customers also use them for outdoor riding, mountain hiking, camping, fighting and motorcycling, etc.

Note: Fit for Both men and women; Make sure to measure your hands according to the sizing chart(Measure the circumference of your palm just under the knuckles, not including your thumb)
M: 7.9″-8.5″ / 20-21.5CM
L: 8.5″-9.3″ / 21.5-23.5CM

Customer satisfaction comes first. We focus on every customer’s feeling about our products, and will try our best to create a best shopping experience to you ever. Products don’t fit? Just feel free to contact us, we will offer free replacement. Not sure about the delivery? Just contact us at the first time, we will help you track the order and make it faster.

Product Features

  • Weight lifting Gloves with 47cm wrist support and double stitching for extra durability, provide stability and reduce your risk of injury. Velcro closure also allows you to wrap around twice and freely adjust the degree of tightness
  • With high quality leather, excellent rubber grip padding and a build in wrist wrap, you are ticking all the boxes when it comes to protecting your hands, improving your grip and at the same time keeping your wrist joint save and get that little extra support you need when going heavy
  • These gym gloves has the finger pull off tabs and the strings between the finger for easy removal,this feature help eliminate that problem that you ripped gloves taking them off
  • Specially designed terry cloth on the back of thumb to wipe your face and sweats without taking-offs during pull ups and weight training. Breathable fabrics among finger panels, real leather material on back of our weight lifting gloves allow you to get free range of motion to complete strength training or dumbbell & barbell lifting, etc.
  • With rubber padding and unique design of Silica Gel Anti-Slip printed layer adds extra insulation and enhances grip strength to improve safety and prevent abrasions, burns, calluses and blisters. Perfect for Weight Lifting, Crossfit Training, Gym, Powerlifting and Other Heavy Fitness Workouts

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