MEILING Wall Clock Creative Wall Clock Living Room Silent Bell Spring Kettle Vase Clock Resin Swing Clock

Power type: battery

Packing volume: 0.01 cubic meters

Size: 20 inches

Shape: shaped

Movement brand: sangtai

Movement type: sweep seconds movement

Gross weight: 2000g

Dial Material: Resin

Mirror material: no mirror design

Color classification: with pendulum size

Whether double-sided: single-sided

Material: Resin

Style: pastoral

Product Features

  • Delivery 10-15 days, return to the range of 30 days, within the measurement error of 1-2 cm is normal, please contact us if you can receive your order within 30 days we

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The Russian Kettlebell Challenge: Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades

In 2001 Dragon Door launched the modern kettlebell movement with publication of the Russian Kettlebell Challenge book and video, the world’s first ever kettlebell instruction certification program, the RKC, plus a line of American-manufactured kettlebells. Here is the book that created one of the greatest shifts ever in the modern fitness world, where individuals could achieve startling physical transformations without ever having to set foot in a gym or grind out extended cardio sessions. Whether you are looking for rapid strength and conditioning gains or wish to lose weight–and keep it off permanently–then kettlebells have proved the answer.
What inspired hundreds of thousands of people to switch to the simple kettlebell as their ultimate fitness tool? What was the original program from which all other kettlebell programs have been developed? You will find the answers in the book that began it all: The Russian Kettlebell Challenge.
Get really, really tough — with a commando’s wiry strength, the explosive agility of a tiger and the stamina of a world-class ironman
Own the single best conditioning tool for killer sports like kickboxing, wrestling, and football
Watch in amazement as high-rep kettlebells let you hack the fat off your meat — without the dishonor of aerobics and dieting
Kick your fighting system into warp speed with high-rep snatches and clean-and-jerks
Develop steel tendons and ligaments — with a whiplash power to match
Effortlessly absorb ballistic shocks — and laugh as you shrug off the hardest hits your opponent can muster

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The Russian Kettlebell Challenge: Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades

If you are looking for a supreme edge in your chosen sport–seek no more! Both the Soviet Special Forces and numerous world-champion Soviet Olympic athletes used the ancient Russian Kettlebell as their secret weapon for xtreme fitness. Thanks to the kettlebells’s astonishing ability to turbocharge physical performance, these Soviet supermen creamed their opponents time-and-time-again, with inhuman displays of raw power and explosive strength.

Product Features

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