Vinyl Kettlebell Kettle bell Weight Hand Weight Swing Ball 2 4 6 8 10 12 16 20 kg Plastic silbergrau mit farbigen Applikationen Size:16 kg

You receive a new and original – Factory Sealed Original professional kettlebell weight/kettlebell – /hand weight/Swing Ball made of vinyl available weights: 2kg 4kg 6kg 8kg 10kg 12kg 16kg 20kg This is your ideal training partner for endurance and muscle strength training. These weights are suitable for training exercises can be used at home, in the garden as well as in the gym. Features: Material: Vinyl with cement filling each Weight Features a embossed weights equipped with rubber feet, therefore absorbs noise Ergonomically designed handles made of plastic and gentle on floors (vinyl) with cement filling up little space and can be used for many purposes from beginners to more experienced stitchers gleichermassen. Weight: dependant on Specification Size: depending on the weight Colour: Sibergrau with colourful appliqués, each in different weight (see photo) can be used in various ways: Free Weights Training Training The functional and explosive strength as well as the Endurance strengthening The cardiovascular system as well as the tendons and ligaments intense fat burning workout information to choose from the weights: 2/4/kg: Suitable for beginners and low fit women 4, 6, 8 kg: Suitable for women and young people 8, 10, 12 kg: Suitable for fit women 10 12 kg: Suitable for men 12, 16 kg – Suitable for fit men training options: Swinging Tear off impact transfer kettle bells to not only individual muscles, but all muscle groups. All kinds of exercises is also coordination A Task. Because if you’re having a kettlebell mount this weight outside palm of your hand, not only are insulated muscles to access the, but whole muscle chains. This increases the intensity of each exercise. In My Store you will find many more interesting items, made of sport and exercise.

Product Features

  • Profi Kettlebell/Weight/Kettlebell/Hand Weight/Swing ball
  • Made of vinyl/plastic with cement filling
  • Weights – : 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 kg
  • Wide range of uses, stable and durable

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