Gym Padding Gloves for WODs, Pull Ups, Kettlebell – Silicone Workout Lifting Gloves – Sports Gloves for Gym –Callus Guard Gloves for Weightlifting, WOD Grips for Men and Women

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Product Features

  • EXTRA LEATHER AND SILICONE PADDING that make them the best workout gloves for men and women
  • INTEGRATED WRIST WRAPS: weightlifting gloves with Hook and Loop wrist support for support & protection
  • STRONG GRIP: the ultimate grip for weightlifting, gym workouts, cross training or fitness.
  • COMFORTABLE: Perfect-fit open design, anti-swear materials, adjustable wrist support
  • PERFECT EQUIPMENT FOR: weightlifting, powerlifting, deadlifts, bodybuilding, dumbbell training

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Fit Active Sports The Gripper Weight Lifting Gloves with Wrist Wraps – Extra Grip & Padding for Lifting, Gym Workout, Cross Training Fitness, Weightlifting. for Men & Women. No Calluses

The Ultimate Weight Lifting Gloves

Tired of Rough Callused Hands? Or Sweaty Stinky Gloves??

What if you could train everyday no matter how intense, looking good and feeling better? WITHOUT SORE OR RIPPED HANDS

Fit Active Sports Lifting Gloves Benefits

1. NO MORE CALLUSES – The Specialized Rubber Padding gives the ultimate callus defender.
2. SUPER TIGHT GRIP = MORE REPS AND PR’S Train long and intense without ripping your hands.
3. USE FOR ALL STYLES OF LIFTING – Bodybuilding, Olympic Lifting, Cross Training, Organized Sports, and general exercise and fitness.
4. COMFORT The perfect gym gloves for training in comfort. The open hand style allows for air to flow through the gloves while lifting, which results in NO SWEATY, STINKY SMELLING workout gloves.
5. WRIST SUPPORT Built in wrist wraps gives your wrist the support it needs to maximize lifts while avoiding injury. Most injuries occur from not having the proper protection which halts your fitness progress.

Who wears these gloves?

Professional Athletes, Professional cross training Athletes, Men, Women, Kids, and more!!

100% Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you don’t absolutely love your cross training gloves, just return them and we will refund every penny. (Or replace them if there is a problem)

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Product Features

  • EXTRA PADDING * Say good bye to your calluses and ripped hands. Our premium weightlifting gloves are made of Neoprene and printed silicone for extra grip, plus an extra layer of specialized silicone material for maximum padding for palm and finger protection. LESS RIPS AND TARES, MORE PEPS AND PR’S
  • BUILT IN WRIST WRAPS * Experience specially designed weight lifting gloves with wrist wraps offering both men and women a superior training experience with each and every work out. Excellent for crossfit, powerlifting, olympic lifting, and general workouts.
  • EXTRA TIGHT GRIP * One of a kind specialized rubber injected palm and finger design for super strong grip on the barbell, pull up bar, muscle up rings, kettle bells, and more! Triple your work load instantly with a supreme grip.
  • COMFORT * Our special open hand design provides superior comfort, giving your hands the ability to breath during intense workouts. Velcro closure straps helps you adjust your gloves to fit perfectly without losing wrists support. LESS SWEAT, MORE AIR VENTILATION equals NO BAD SMELLING Gloves, less washes, thus longer lasting workout crossfit gloves.
  • ORDER NOW * If For Whatever Reason You Don’t Absolutely Love Your Fit Active Sports Weightlifting Gloves . Just Return It, And We’ll Refund Every Penny (Or Replace It, If There Is A Problem)

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Mava Sports Kettlebell Gloves for Gym Workouts – Cross Training Hand Wrap, Pullup Bar Gloves, Pair (Blue)

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Product Features

  • PALM LEATHER PADDING: Callus guard glove for no blisters training sessions. Workout palm protector for no calluses or hand rips. Half finger gloves to protect your palms.
  • INTEGRATED WRIST WRAPS: Uniquely designed wrist wraps offer both men and women the best cross training experience. The best gloves with wrist support for workouts.
  • STRONG GRIP: The new palm design was strategically created to be comfortable, breathable and it was built to last. That’s what makes our Mava gloves great weight lifting gloves.
  • COMFORT – Hook and Loop gloves with adjustable wrist wraps for a perfect fit. Improve your grip while allowing your hands to breathe. Weight grips for men and women.
  • PERFECT EQUIPMENT FOR: Rope climbing, chin ups, pull ups, bodybuilding, deadlifts, dumbbells, kettlebell classes, cross training, gym workouts, training sessions, military drills.

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