A Set of 3 Kettlebells (4kg, 6kg, 10kg) for Rapid Weight Loss, Increased Endurance, Mental toughness and Toning of Muscles

Set of 3 Kettlebells:


Product Features

  • SET: The set includes (4kg, 6kg, 10kg) a total of 20kg
  • FUNCTIONAL FITNESS: A tool for functional training. Which means the exercises will help you to master everyday life movements better. Exercises can be carried out using one or two kettlebells depending on the type of exercise.
  • WORKOUT: You can do squats, Kettlebell swing, deadlifts. Many muscles are engaged using one piece of equipment.
  • ENDLESS BENEFITS: If you want to lose weight, Kettlebell Training provides you with high-intensity workouts. The exercises will tone, tighen your whole body and burn calories. Kettlebells are great for people with busy schedules, they offer you QUICK and INTENSE workout.
  • DESIGN: Kettlebell with plastic coating and concrete filled.They are easy to clean

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