Barlates Body Blitz Barre Kettlebell HIIT 4 Workout DVD

**Note: audio has been upgraded as of 3 Feb 2017***

Instructor’s name: Linda Wooldridge

Type of Workout: Total Body

Fitness Level: Intermediate

Equipment Needed: 1 medium and 1 heavy kettlebell (can use dumbbells) and light hand weights

Total Running Time: 84 Minutes

Manufacture Year: 2016

Region: 0 (Worldwide, REGION FREE, Suitable for ALL DVD players)

Cardio Interval Tone 30, Cardio Interval Tone 45/30, Bare Bell HIIT and Controlled Kettlebell HIIT all on one DVD to help you shed fat and sculpt your entire body.

Cardio Interval Tone 30 (16 mins): Get your sweat on and your muscles burning with this short, punchy cardio interval workout. 10 rounds of 30 seconds cardio, 10 seconds rest then 30 seconds toning will be sure to get your heart rate up and burn some major calories.

Cardio Interval Tone 45/30 (29 mins): Get ready to torch some serious calories with this interval cardio and toning workout. 45 seconds of cardio followed by 45 seconds active recovery toning exercises for 5 rounds then a 45 second break before repeating all 5 circuits again for 30 seconds each exercise.

Barre Bell HIIT (19 mins): Then get your sweat on with this punchy kettlebell barre fusion interval workout that you can fit into any busy schedule. 18 rounds of 50 seconds work and 10 seconds rest will be sure to get your heart rate up and burn some major calories.

Controlled Kettlebell HIIT (20 mins): In this workout you’ll see all your favorite traditional kettlebell moves to target all those trouble zones. Choose a weight that challenges you and keep increasing as you do this workout again and again.

About the Instructor: Hi, I’m Linda – creator of Barlates Body Blitz. I have worked in the diet and fitness industry as an instructor and personal trainer for most of my career and have created close to 200 workout videos to bring my passion for exercise to you!
My desire is to help you sculpt a strong, healthy body with a fusion of barre, Pilates, yoga as well as more traditional cardio + toning exercises.
So what are you waiting for? Let’s go work out together!

When sold by, this product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.’s standard return policy will apply.

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New Full Finger Workout Gloves,Gym Fitness, Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps Genuine Leather Palm Protection & Strong Grip,Quality Breathable Comfort Gloves,Cycling, Pull Ups,Cross Training for Men & Women

DAY WOLF is proud to offer another premium quality product Fitness Gloves for Our Valued Customers. You’ll find this to be one of the best workout gloves you’ve ever owned. It’s specifically designed for sports and workout for gym, Weight Lifting, Pull Ups etc.

Product Material:
Back of hand:
► Spandex Lycra.
► Content: 80% Nylon, 20% Elastane.
► Material: Goat Skin.
► Content: 100% Leather (Goatskin).

Product Features:
► High your gym and fitness goals and with less sweat, more comfort, and with amazingly workout gloves.
► Stay fit and decrease your chances of injury with the proper hand and wrists protection.
► Make your self comfortable and minimize sweat with breathable open hand glove design.
► Integrated neoprene cuff for maximum comfort and zero distractions.
► Leather palm provide superior durability and soft touch for added grip.
► Silicone overlays to secure your wrists while holding a weight bar. They should not cause you any pain. If you need to adjust them, just loosen the wrist strap and let the gripping section extend to your fingertips.

DAY WOLF dedicates to provide the best products to our all valued customers with excellent service.
We pride ourselves by offering only the best in quality so please order with confidence.

Product Features

  • ► PALM PROTECTION: This premium weightlifting gloves covers the entire palm and the thumb of your hand is also protected. Silicone overlays for strong grip., a high quality material which is resistant to water, dangerous chemicals, oils, heat and aging making for a long last durable pair of gloves.
  • ► COMFORTABLE & EASY WORKOUT: High quality lightweight microfiber to allow for a comfortable workout, breathable mesh on the back keeps your hands dry. Pull Tabs on fingers make it easy to pull gloves off. Less sweat and more ventilation controls the bad smelling.
  • ► QUALITY MATERIAL: High quality material used to provide the superior quality gloves for our valued customers. Glove interior is soft to provide comfort for extended use. The materials help to pull sweat from the hands and absorb in order to maintain a firm fit without slippage.
  • ► VERSATILE DESIGN: Perfect for every one with no gender discrimination. Boys, Girls, Men, Women, Unisex everyone can wear and its stylish design will make you more graceful amongst all. Useable for exercise, bodybuilding, weight lifting, workout, heavy weight, gym, rowing, lifting, cycling, wrist support, training grips, aerobics ball, cross training, and many workout and sports activities that needs protection of hands.
  • ► 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not completely satisfied with our product within the First Year, DAY WOLF Will Replace It with a New One or Refund your Money back, no questions will asked!! Our Customer’s satisfaction is first our priority!!

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iiSPORT Womens Weight Lifting Gloves, Callus Guard WOD Workout Gloves for Pro or Beginners – Great Weightlifting Gym Gloves for Powerlifting, Crossfit, Kettlebell – Pink M

BUY TWO SAVE $10 and more – Click “ADD BOTH TO CART” button under Special Offers column above, purchase this gloves and our best selling GENUINE Leather palm gloves (Black) together. ENJOY 15% OFF LIGHTNING DEAL & $10 OFF, ONLY 50pcs Available. ( Expire on 2017 Sep. 16th 11.59PM)

The PROS Of iiSPORT Weight Lifting Gloves:

Wrist support is excellent and small loops between fingers helps to remove the gloves quickly;
With mesh cloth,they has strong performance of permeability and keep you dry and cool during workout;
with Silica Gel Anti-Slip printed layer, they adds extra insulation and enhances grip strength to improve safety and prevent abrasions, burns, calluses and blisters;
Specially designed terry cloth on the back of thumb to wipe your face and sweats without taking-offs during pull ups and weight training

Programs: Mainly used for Weightlifting,dumbbell,Powerlifting, Fitness & Cross Training, Crossfit(WOD),Bodybuilding and Medium-Heavy Gym Workout, such as Dumbbell lifts, heavy Barbell lifting, Pull ups, chin ups and other strength exercises, customers also use them for outdoor riding, mountain hiking, camping, fighting and motorcycling, etc.

Measure the circumference of your flat hand just under the knuckles(not including your thumb)

6.7″-7.1″ S
7.1″-7.7″ M
7.7″-8.5″ L
8.5″-9.3″ XL

Designed for weight training and some outdoor activities,our weighlifting gloves are generally snug-fitting. The real leather can stretch out over the life of the glove.If you are in between sizes, we recommend that you select the larger of the two sizes, if you prefer a looser fitting workout glove, buy one size larger than you typically wear.

Product Features

  • BUY TWO SAVE 5%- Click “ADD BOTH TO CART” button under Special Offers, purchase this gloves and our best selling GENUINE Leather palm gloves (Black) together -One For You and One For Your Workout Partner.We’ve run promotions for 2 pcs or more per order, please check details below Special offers.( Expire on 2018 JULY. 31th 11:59 PM))
  • Weight lifting Gloves with mesh cloth to enhance performance of permeability and comfortability. Wrist strap closure ensure to freely adjust the degree of tightness during workout.
  • With longer finger tabs design, iiSPORT gym gloves are easy to remove and eliminate that problem that you ripped gloves taking them off. Specially designed terry cloth on the back of thumb to wipe your face and sweats without taking-offs during pull ups and weight training.
  • With rubber padding and unique design of Silica Gel Anti-Slip printed layer adds extra insulation and enhances grip strength to improve safety and prevent abrasions, burns, calluses and blisters. Perfect for Weight Lifting, Crossfit Training, Gym, Powerlifting and Other Heavy Fitness Workouts.
  • Washable and Sold in pairs. iiSPORT offers 100% quality guarantee and 6-month warranty to ensure your satisfaction.

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Stack 52 Kettlebell Exercise Cards Duo Pack. Kettlebell Workout Playing Card Game. Video Instructions Included. Learn Kettle Bell Moves and Conditioning Drills. Home Fitness Training Program.

Looking for a challenging Kettlebell workout that really works? Tired of doing the same old routine?

We designed Kettlebell Stack 52 for you. We put 52 of the most effective Kettlebell exercises on playing cards. Deal yourself a workout or play a game like Fit Poker or Bullshit with your friends and have the time of your life getting in the best shape of your life!

· Fit Poker: Bet and perform exercises instead of chips!

· Bullshit: Get caught lying, and you do the exercises on the cards you pick up!

About Stack 52 and founder, Sergeant Volkin

Our mission is to make exercise fun and accessible for everyone.

Sergeant Volkin has a master’s degree in science, has authored 5 books, and has over 20 years of fitness experience. The US Army awarded Sergeant Volkin a medal for the fitness programs he designed for the troops. Stack 52 exercise games have been sold in over 24 countries.

What’s in the Box:

Kettlebell Stack 52 contains 55 cards. There are 8 different colors with each color representing the dominate muscle group worked:

· 11 Leg exercises (yellow)

· 4 Arm exercises (orange)

· 5 Chest exercises (green)

· 5 Shoulder exercise (purple)

· 4 Back exercises (pink)

· 9 Abdominal/Core exercises (red)

· 5 Cardio exercises (blue)

· 9 Full body compound exercises (brown)

· 2 Instructional Cards

· 1 Wild Card

Recommended Equipment (Not Included):

1 light kettlebell: you can press overhead with 1 arm for 8-10 reps

1 medium kettlebell: twice the weight of the light kettlebell

Product Features

  • CONTAINS all 104 exercises in the Kettlebell Stack 52 Series. Difficulty ranges from beginner to advanced and targets every muscle group: Legs (19 exercises), Arms (9), Chest (8), Shoulders (7), Back (4), Abs (17), Cardio (19), and Full Body (21). Achieve elite fitness and become an expert with kettlebells.
  • CREATE AWESOME WORKOUTS IN SECONDS: No planning or preparation. Shuffle the cards and deal yourself a workout or play a card game. Visit our website for free game ideas or modify your favorite card game into a workout!
  • EASIEST WAY TO LEARN KETTLEBELL EXERCISES: Each card has an illustration and description that explains how to perform the exercise. Scan the QR code with a smartphone or tablet to watch a quick video demonstration of the exercise.
  • FUN & MOTIVATING: Games and competition make exercise fun! Play by yourself or compete with your friends! No more boredom. There are 104 different kettlebell exercises and endless game possibilities.
  • 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE: If you don’t LOVE the Kettlebell Duo Pack, you get your money back, period.

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BEACE Weight Lifting Gym Gloves with Anti-Slip Leather Palm for Workout Exercise Training Fitness and Bodybuilding for Men & Women

Are You a Fitness Enthusiast?
Are You Still Looking for a Great Weight Lifting Gloves?
Do You Want to Have a Anti-slip, Breathable, Flexible, High safety Gym Glove?
If You Want, Please Choose Beace Gym Gloves. It is the Best Gift for You or Your Friend or Your Family!

Product Description:
-Four Color:Black, Blue, Purple, Hot Pink
-Extra Durable: Double layered thumb and double stitched thumb and double stitched palm
-Comfortable: Design:Freely adjustable velcron closure. Breathable and flexible mesh. Anti-slip foam cushions and leather palm
Multi-purpose: Suit for Work Out, Exercise, Training, Fitness, Bodybuilding, Cycling , Weight Lifting, Power lifting

6.5″-7.0″ / 16.5-17.8CM XS
7.0″-7.5″ / 17.8-19.0CM S
7.5″-8.0″ / 19.0-20.3CM M
8.0″-8.5″ / 20.3-21.6CM L
8.5″-9.5″ / 21.6-24.0CM XL

Washing Notice:
1.Preferred washed by hand. You only need to soak the gloves with soap, then rub and wash, dry it in the shade.
2. Don’t use hot water, bleach and other strong acid wash, and Don’t expose to the sun for too long

– This gym gloves are not suitable for heavy weightlifting

Our Guarantee:
To offering superior quality products, best customer service for each client is our mission
-If you are not delighted with our product, please let us know by sending message or e-mail. We will help you and reply to you within 24 hours.
-We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If nor, you can contact us or send it back by our way for a replacement even a full refund anytime! You have no risk! “Add it to cart”Now!

– 1 x Glove(pair)

Product Features

  • DURABLE – BEACE gym gloves are designed for durability: Double layered thumb and double stitched thumb and double stitched palm. So our weight lifting gloves can have a long service life and better protect your hands.
  • BREATHABLE AND FLEXBILE – The back of the glove is made from excellent mesh material. It is breathable that prevent the accumulation of heat. In addition, this mesh material have great elasticity that you fingers can get better flexibility during gym, exercise.
  • ANTI-SLIP AND PROTECTION – The palm of the glove is divided into two parts. The one is foam cushions palm. The other one is real leather palm. They can protection your hand and firm grip the Fitness equipment. It won’t make you feel uncomfortable during gym.
  • HUMANIZED DESIGN – The freely adjustable wrist velcron closure providing flexible for the best fit according to your wrist situation. Besides, Specially designed terry cloth on the back of thumb to wipe your face and sweat. Suit for Work Out, Exercise, Training, Fitness, Bodybuilding, Cycling , Weight Lifting, Power lifting.
  • SIZE: BEACE workout gloves have five size. XS(6.5″-7.0″ / 16.5-17.8CM), S(7.0″-7.5″ / 17.8-19.0CM), M(7.5″-8.0″ / 19.0-20.3CM), L(8.0″-8.5″ / 20.3-21.6CM), XL(8.5″-9.5″ / 21.6-24.0CM). Please refer to the second advertising image.

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Trideer Double Protection Weight Lifting Gloves, Padded Gym Gloves for Extra Grip, Breathable & Ultralight Workout Gloves for Men & Women (Golden, M (Fits 6.7-7.5 Inches))

Exercise is easier on Trideer
Trideer Weight Lifting Gloves, Gym training sport fitness bodybuilding workout exercise glove are ideal for men/women/trainers/athletes/beginners.
Our gloves are made from breathable material so your hands won’t overheat, while the padding on the palm protects and helps to hold your grip.

Product Description:
– Does NOT Bleed From the Dye Inside
– Strategically Padded Palms for Extra Comfort and Grip
– Carefully Crafted With Premium Quality microfibre material and Reinforced Stitching

Size Chart:
S: 6.3-6.7inch / 16-17cm
M: 6.7-7.5inch / 17-19cm
L: 7.5-8.2inch / 19-21cm
XL:8.2-9.0inch / 21-23cm
Pls measure the circumference of your hands (as picture) by measuring tape and compare with the chart to know the size of your gloves.

Cleaning tips
1. Preferred washed by hand. You only need to soak the gloves with soap, then rub and wash, dry it in the shade.
2. If washed by machine, it is better to put the gloves into the laundry bag to reduce the likelihood of deformation.
3. Never use hot water, bleach and other strong acid wash, and do not bask in the sun, because the material organization will be destroyed easily, which will cause pilling, fabric loose and gloves deformation and so on.

1. Warranty period: 12 months from the date of purchase.
2. Our gloves are true to size but if you are between two sizes choose the smaller size.
3. If your not thrilled, simply contact our reliable customer service team and you will receive unmatched personal assistance.

Product Features

  • ❤ KIND NOTICE ❤ All Trideer branded products are sold exclusively by Trideer. Please always check the seller information before your purchase !❤
  • ✔ ALL-PURPOSE GLOVES: Suitable for Weight Lifting, weighted training, cross training, power lifting, pull up & general workouts, bodybuilding, cycling , etc.
  • ✔ DOUBLE PROTECTION on BOTH the PALM&BACK of YOUR HANDS: Lock Padding on the Palm and Every Finger to offer a stronger grip and PREVENT FROM BLISTER; And the backing SILICA GEL can also protect the back of your hands.
  • ✔ STYLISH DESIGNS to MAKE YOU STAND OUT FROM THE CROWDED: Two Golden/Pink/Purple lines on the back make it more stylish&classic. Made from high quality yet lightweighed microfiber to allow for a comfortable workout.

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ZELUS Cast Iron Vinyl Coated Kettlebell for Women/Men Workout (12)

Wanna build the perfect shape at home? Start toning your perfect body with our kettlebells now! Made of cast iron, our kettlebells have strong resistance to deformation and wear. Flat base of our kettlebells makes it stand steadily on the floor without wobbling. We color code every kettle bell of different weight increments, so it’s easy for gym owners and trainers to direct athletes to specific kettlebells on sight alone. Our kettlebells are perfect for you to meet your fitness goal!

Material: Cast Iron & PVC
Weight Increments: 5LB, 8LB, 10LB, 12LB, 15LB, 20LB, 25LB, 30LB, 35LB, 40LB, 45LB, 50LB
Diameter between Handle End: 3.1″(5LB),3.1″(8LB), 3.5″(10LB), 3.5″(12LB), 3.9″(15LB),4.1″(20LB), 4.5″(25LB), 5.1″(30LB), 5.1″(35LB), 5.3″(40LB),5.3″ (45LB), 5.3″(50LB) !

Package List:
1 x Kettlebell

Product Features

  • CAST IRON CONSTRUCTION, our kettlebells are cast in one solid piece with strong resistance to deformation & wear. The vinyl coat also helps protect your floor, reduce noise, and enhance appearance
  • ULTRA-LONG SMOOTH HANDLE, our kettlebells provide ample space for your hands, coordinate with both hands to do the same movement, ultimate comfort guaranteed
  • FLAT BOTTOM FOR STABILITY, enables upright storage, perfect for renegade rows, handstands, mounted pistol squats etc
  • BEST WORKOUT COMBINING CARDIO & STRENGTH, kettlebell exercise serves as both a strength and cardio workout, improves your muscle strength, and flexibility
  • COLOR-CODED FOR CONVENIENCE, color coded kettlebells make it easier for users to distinguish different weights; 12 weight increments available; a perfect option not just for amateur sports lovers but also the experienced athletes

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Fit Active Sports RX1 Weight Lifting Gloves for Workout, Gym Cross Training – Pull Ups, Kettlebells, Deadlifts, Weightlifting – Men & Women – More Grip, More Reps (Red, Small)

Product Features

  • PREVENT SORE AND ROUGH HANDS – Our weightlifting gloves are designed to protect your entire hand. Say goodbye to callused, sore, and ripped hands by training with our gloves during intense workouts.
  • LONG LASTING – Whether your performing intense wods everyday or moderately exercise a few time a week, your gloves will last. Tested for High Rep Pull Ups, Kettlebell Swings, Clean and Jerks, Snatches, and other hand taxing lifts. You SAVE money by not purchasing countless pairs of gloves that wears out after a few uses.
  • BREATHABLE & COMFORTABLE – Our open handed design lets cool air sooth your hands during intense training. No More Sweaty hands and smelly bad odors.
  • PREVENT INJURY – Our built in wrist wraps protects your hands and wrist from injury. Instantly increase your reps while decreasing your chances of injury, resulting in the ability to consistently workout.
  • EXTRA GRIP – Dramatically increase your reps: pull ups, clean and jerks, kettlebells swings, and any movement involving gripping the barbell.

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The Kettlebell Goddess Workout: How to Achieve and Maintain a Divine Body with the World’s Most Effective Tool for Weight Loss, Strength, Endurance and Flexibility

The ancient Greek Goddesses were famous for their vigorous and vibrant strength, their power, their grace and their physical elegance.

Now you have a realistic chance to make even a Greek Goddess green with envy as you match if not surpass them for athletic grace and high performance!

In this superbly produced, interactive, menu-based DVD, Senior Russian Kettlebell Instructor, Andrea Du Cane challenges and inspires you to seize that ideal of elegant strength and make it your own.

Andrea s powerful array of authentic kettlebell workouts, plus cool downs and stretches, are guaranteed to reward you with greater energy, greater well being, greater strength and a superb figure. Fit for the Goddess you know you are!

Choose from a wide variety of Upper Body, Lower Body, Abs and Cardio workouts, then mix and match to create your own customized training program for godly perfection. Your results will be strictly divine…

Or simply follow along with one of the six Goddess Workouts for a complete, carefully targeted session designed to carve away the fat and sculpt lean, toned muscles ready and willing to take on the world and win it all. Just like Athena… Just like Nike…

Once the hard-kept secret of elite Russian athletes, special forces and manly men, the kettlebell is now becoming the preferred tool for women who are tired of being merely human and tired of mediocre results and who demand fast fat loss, high energy and exceptional physical performance, now! Let Andrea show you the way…

– Receive inspiring, first-class personal instruction from one of the nation s top female kettlebell athletes.

– Renew yourself with a constant variety of targeted, high-yield workouts that meet your changing needs.

– Redefine your body and exceed your mortal limits, with the divine challenge of Andrea s patented Goddess Workouts.

Kristann Heinz, MD, RKC discusses the Medical Benefits of Kettlebell Training and Pregnancy and Kettlebell Training

While it is possible for beginners to immediately follow along with The Kettlebell Goddess workouts, Andrea strongly recommends that Goddess-newbies study the Quick Start Review of the fundamental kettlebell drills before jumping in:

Quick Start Review

Swing, Clean, Military Press, Front Squat, Windmills, Power Breathing

Goddess Workouts

Artemis: Upper Body
Auxesia: Lower Body
Athena: Full Body Strength
Callipygos: Legs & Butt
Nike: Cardio & Endurance
Odyne: Strength & Cardio Kick-Butt
Design-Your-Own Workouts

Joint Mobility Warmup

Upper Body A

Military Press Lat Pulls Bent Arm Pullovers

Upper Body B

See Saw Press Windmills Renegade Rows

Upper Body C

Side Press French press Chest Press & Fly

Lower Body A

Front Squats Dragon Walks Side Lunges

Lower Body B

Box Pistols Step Back Lunges Suitcase Deadlifts

Lower Body C

One Legged Deadlift Overhead Squat Good Mornings

Abdominals A

Standing Power Breathing Get Up Situps Slow KB Twist

Abdominals B

Power Breathing Crunch or Situp Russian Twist Half Roll Back

Cardio/Conditioning A

Swings Double Swings Double Cleans Figure 8s to Catch

Cardio/Conditioning B

Snatches Swing-Catch-Squat 1-Swing, 1-Clean, 1-Snatch Rolling Deck Squats

Cardio/Conditioning C

Swing- Clean-Snatch Snatch-Clean-Swing Snatches Walking Swings

Cool Down Stretches

Product Features

  • By Andrea DuCane, Master RKC
  • Women-focused training and workout
  • Focuses not just on achievement, but also on maintenance
  • Promotes weight loss, strength, endurance, flexibility

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ProSource Solid Cast Iron Kettlebells Weights for Full Body Workout, 45 pounds

Just one piece of equipment can give you an amazing full body workout! The ProSource Cast Iron Kettlebell is a one of the most effective, convenient ways to build muscle, endurance, and core strength, lending itself to a wide variety of challenging exercises.

Cast Iron Kettlebells are the competition standard, robust and designed to last, they give you an excellent full body workout. Made entirely of durable cast iron, there are no seams, welds, or weak spots. The heavy, uneven distribution of weight forces your body to build core strength and balance when in use. Great for squats, swings, cleans, presses, and a variety of other exercises that are proven to build muscle size and strength. An extra-large handle makes it easy to grip with one or both hands for a safe and comfortable workout, and the durable material is built to last without wear and tear. Available in a variety of weights, so they can be used by both beginners and advanced athletes.

Product Features

  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Solid cast iron is coated with color-coded vinyl to protect floors – great for gyms, at-home use, and outdoor workouts
  • FULL BODY WORKOUT – Combines cardio and strength training for an effective, full body workout that builds muscle and burns fat
  • COMFORT – Extra-large handles give ample space for hands and are seamless for a smooth, comfortable grip
  • PERFECT FOR CROSS-TRAINING – Use for exercises like swings, deadlifts, squats, get-ups, and snatches
  • AVAILABLE FROM 5-45 lbs, buy a variety to keep muscles challenged and improve core strength, power, and endurance
  • Combines cardio and strength training for an effective, full body muscle-building and fat-burning workout
  • Extra-large, smooth, handles provide a comfortable and secure grip that reduces hand pain for both men and women
  • Built to last – made out of solid cast iron with no welds, weak spots, or seams; Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Improves grip strength, power, and endurance with exercises like swings, deadlifts, squats, get-ups, and snatches
  • Choose one or a set of various weights to keep your muscles challenged. Available in 5 pound increments from 5-45 pounds

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Workout Gloves with the Strongest Wrist Support ; Crossfit Gloves/Gym Gloves for Men and Women; Durable Neoprene with Extra Leather and Silicone Padding for Full Palm Protection (M, Open Back)

PLEASE REFER TO THE SIZE CHART FROM THE LISTING IMAGES TO FIND THE BEST SIZE FIT TO YOUR HANDS. The ANJ Cross Training Gloves are made of high quality, lightweight and durable neoprene. On top of that, we added extra artificial leather and silicone on the palm area to provide ultimate full palm protection. No more painful calluses! The unique silicone neoprene print pattern gives you extra tight grip which is critical during your exercise. To provide ultra-support and comfort to your wrist, we have our unmatched 20.5″ long and double Hook and Loop wrist strap closure systems! The long hook and loop closure strap with double pads not only gives you extra support on the wrists, but you can also adjust it easily to fit your body so you can gain more comfort during the excess! Unlike the old, thick and bulky gloves that used to cover the back of your hands, the open back design of these cross training gloves offers stylish and better breathability for your skin! *******Break in your gloves -Please Note, just like the new shoes, at the beginning the material will need to break in and your hands need to acclimate to the gloves. During that period, you may feel rough or lack of grip. However, commit to the process to get them right and you will have the best experience for your training!!

Product Features

  • LOWEST PRICE EVER $12.99 FOR OUR WORKOUT GLOVES WITH THE STRONGEST WRIST SUPPORT: Our integrated wrist wraps measure more than 19 inches in length and more than 2 inches in width, making them both longer and wider than most available in the market. In addition, each wrap comes with 2 sets of the high-quality Hook and Loop closure system. The large size and double sets of the fasteners will provide you with the strongest wrist support and protection, making the wraps the perfect wrist grips!
  • EXTRA LEATHER AND SILICONE PADDING FOR FULL PALM PROTECTION: Our gym gloves are made from high quality neoprene, the most durable material with immense physical toughness and providing cushioning and protection. Moreover, the palm area has an extra layer of leather and silicone padding, providing ultimate cushion for the palm protection – No more torn hands and no more calluses!
  • NON-SLIP AND STRONG GRIP WITH ENHANCED BACK STRIP: The printed silicone layer has a thoughtful design pattern to minimize slipping and ripping. The appropriate thickness of the premium material delicately balances the palm protection and the strong grip! In addition, the added back strip gives hands even stronger grip and makes the palm area fit better! PLEASE REFER TO THE SIZE CHART ON THE LEFT TO FIND YOUR BEST FIT GLOVES.
  • HIGH-QUALITY DURABLE NEOPRENE MATERIAL: These weightlifting gloves are made from high-quality neoprene, making them lightweight and durable at the same time. The high-quality material is anti-sweat, latex free, and has immense physical toughness to provide cushion and protection. They are perfect for WODs, cross training, rope climbing, chin ups, pull ups, and many more!
  • COMFORT: The gloves open back design provides extra comfort, allowing your hands to breath more during exercise – less sweat and more ventilation. The extra length and the hook and loop closure straps provide you extra flexibility to find the best fit. The anti-sweat and latex free neoprene material helps to keep your gloves and hands dry during workout.

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