The Art of Strength: Providence

“The Art of Strength” video series brings Anthony DiLuglio’s unique training methods and style into your living room. In addition to being America’s premiere working kettlebell trainer, DiLuglio was honored as 1 of America’s top 100 trainers in general for 2 years in a row (2004/2005 Men’s Journal).

Anthony pioneered the use of kettlebell-based circuit training for the general public– carefully molding this often intimidating, hardcore practice into a system accessible to all. His groundbreaking “Punch Gym” in Providence, Rhode Island was the FIRST to focus on kettlebells as the central tool for strength, endurance, and body shaping in every workout.

On any given day at Punch Gym, you will see housewives, engineers, and deskbound executives performing the most advanced kettlebell routines with perfect form. Anthony also has a strong following with serious athletes of all ages and levels. His methods clearly work for everyone. Through careful program design, weight selection, and inspiration, Anthony simultaneously takes both beginners and professional athletes beyond their known limits.

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Product Features

  • The first work-along-with-your coach kettle bell DVD
  • user friendly format
  • two music tracks to choose from
  • all exercises are done in 2 minute rounds..practice the rounds to improve your performance
  • visible time bar to pace your workout to suit your goals

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2 Responses to The Art of Strength: Providence

  1. Anonymous says:

    GREAT workout for anyone with KB experience! This is a great workout. I normally wait until I have done a workout a few more weeks before reviewing (I’ve only done this dvd twice), but I have done plenty of KB workouts and can already tell this is a great workout. For reference, I’ve done the Skogg 11-week program twice now so I know what a great full-body workout using a kettlebell can be. This workout introduces some classic kettlebell moves with great explanations of how to perform them correctly and safely. You perform 14 different…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great for any level, and fast results. Best workout for those with limited time. I have attended local kettlebell classes, but have not had time to get there as of late. After reading reviews on other kettlebell videos, many who were unhappy with other videos pointed to The Art of Strength: Providence as the best. Being familiar with kettlebell workouts, I was very happy with this video. As others have mentioned, you work along with the video. That seems to be a silly thing to say, but having never found success with workout videos in the past, for whatever reason this…

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