The Gripper Glove | Callus Guard Workout Gloves by Fit Four for Weightlifting & Cross Training Athletes – Enhanced Silicone Grip Palm (Black, Medium)

The Gripper glove is designed for cross training and weightlifting athletes to maximize grip and mobility. This glove is intended only to cover the callused areas of the hand that athletes normally tape. Our compression fit engineered Gripper Glove is patterned for performance and reliability. The compression fit reduces bunching and discomfort while enhancing your natural grip on the bar. The fingerless glove is finely tailored to lay flat on the palm of the hand and reinforced with double stitching on seams. The palm of the glove is infused with an anti-slip silicone grip. This honeycomb patterned grip ensures that the glove will flex and bend freely, maximizing your mobility as each hexagonal shape adjusts independently to your natural grip. The Gripper glove’s palm opening is z-stitched for ultimate expansion to provide a perfect match to your palms circumference. The top of the Gripper glove is constructed with form fitting Lycra, which allows your hands to breathe to prevent overheating.

Each model of Fit Fours gloves are designed for a specific application. That being said, Fit Four has found that most people prefer the gripper gloves for stationary pull-ups, rope climbing, kettle bells, and rings. Fit Four knows that every athlete’s grip and preferences are different and don’t expect our gloves to work the same for everyone. Fit Four gloves are tools to keep in your arsenal and to be used as needed. Need less grip / more bar rotation? Try the Fit Four Anti-Ripper gloves, designed for OLY weightlifting. Need more cushion? Then the Neo Grip glove is for you.

Product Features

  • Preferred for hanging bar work, rope climbing, kettle bells & rings
  • Maximize grip & mobility, Minimize slipping & ripping, No more taping!
  • Independently moving hexagonal shaped silicone pads for extra grip
  • Fit Four’s patented minimalist four finger Callus Guard Fitness Gloves, Compression fit
  • Unisex Sizing SX-XL (see SIZE CHART located in images) 40% Synthetic Leather, 50% Lycra, 10% Silicone, Hand-made, Easy on / Easy off, Available in 4 colors

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2 Responses to The Gripper Glove | Callus Guard Workout Gloves by Fit Four for Weightlifting & Cross Training Athletes – Enhanced Silicone Grip Palm (Black, Medium)

  1. Mark Lidster says:

    Absolute Waste of Money and Dangerous to Hands I bought these gloves after reading the glowing reviews on Amazon. That was a huge mistake. I’m not sure how or for what these reviewers were using these gloves, but they I doubt if their workouts were anything other than very, very light!I workout up to 6 times a week. Of these 3 are heavy duty workouts involving double kettlebell moves, snatches, cleans, squats etc and heavy olympic bar deadlifts. The other 3 involve bar and gymnastic rings work for moves such as muscle ups,…

  2. Matthew Sharp says:

    They’re good 🙂 Ok this review is aimed at lifters as in proper lifters who use olympic bars and power cages.First off I didn’t mind my calluses and I would recommend to anyone who is ok with calluses to lift without gloves/guard.Secondly I would consider myself a novice/intermediate lifter as in shoulder pressing 50kg, deadlifting 125kg for 8 and 10 reps respectively.I use these gloves for shoulder pressing, bench press,dumbell row, pullups, shoulder press. I think they would also be good…

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