The Kettlebell Swing: Amazingly Simple, but Extremely Detailed

The Kettlebell Swing
Amazingly Simple, but Extremely Detailed

Your first step to becoming a serious Kettlebell Trainer or Kettlebell Enthusiast.
Improve your cardiovascular endurance and potentially irradiate neck and back pain.

This book will cover every intrinsic detail of the kettlebell swing, explained and broken down in such a way that everyone can understand it; it’s basic but at the same time advanced.

“The most comprehensive guide on the Kettlebell Swing I have ever seen.” ~ Derek Fronczak (NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Functional Training specialist)

“In all the Kettlebell courses I’ve participated in, I’ve never seen anything this detailed and comprehensive.” ~ Anna Junghans (Kettlebell Trainer and owner of Gym Elite)

Whether you are a personal trainer who wants to fully understand and be able to teach their clients the kettlebell swing step-by-step, or whether you’re a kettlebell enthusiast who is looking to strengthen the back, improve cardio, strengthen the core, improve flexibility or potentially eradicate neck and back pain, this book is for you.

A recommended precursor to this book is about the Hip Hinge

There is no nonsense or page filling content in this book, the content is all directly related to the Kettlebell Swing, following is the index for the book.

The Conventional Two Arm Kettlebell Swing (Hip Hinge Style)
Swing Variations
Squatting versus Hip Hinging
Pre-requisites and progression
Muscles Involved
Muscle Groups
Four Phases
Pendulum Concept
Plank drill
Height of the Swing
Calluses and Hand Maintenance
Quality over Quantity
Grow Gradually
Choosing Weight
Common Sense
The Movement Step by Step
Faults and Correction
Hyperextending the Back
Happy Feet
Frontal Raise
Kettlebell Coming too Low
Rounded Back
Kettlebell Bobbing
Cowboy Legs
Torso Coming too Low
Knees Staying Bent
Feet too Far Apart
Power Swinging
Aches and Pains
Lower Back
Elbow / Upper Arms

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