Trideer Workout Gloves, Weight Lifting Gloves (Black, M)


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2 Responses to Trideer Workout Gloves, Weight Lifting Gloves (Black, M)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Pleasently impressed True to size, great padding, good grip, and thick support in the wrists. I do like the grip, made possible in part by the honeycomb rubber-like overlay on the palms. I’m concerned about the longevity of that honeycomb material and believe eventually it will begin peeling away from the glove. Time will tell I suppose. I’m indifferent about the wrist support. It’s very thick but it doesn’t impede mobility and I haven’t found that it gets in the way of my wrist watch. The padding is more…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rapidly failed. Completely useless. At first they were… well, not great, but fine, at least for the price. They fit decently tight and the palm was nicely padded.I ordered them in early December. By mid January they had stretched out to the point where I had to pull the straps as far as they would go, to keep them from being too loose. By early February the velcro on three of the four straps completely gave out anyway, and I couldn’t even close the darn things anymore. I ordered a new pair of gloves from a different…

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