ViperSportsWear Leather Palm Grips For Cross Training, Kettlebells, Powerlifting, Chin Ups, Pull Ups, WODs, Weightlifting & Gymnastics – With Grips Storage Pouch (Grey, Large)

Are you tired of having your hands torn after doing tough workouts of high rep pull-ups? Are you forced to skip pulling exercises until it heals?

Torn calluses, blisters and pain aren’t cool because they slow your progress. When you purchase ViperSportsWear Palm Grips, you provide an effective protection for your palms from tears and blisters, leading to a more comfortable, more efficient workout.

What makes ViperSportsWear Palm Grips stand out from the competition? Grips are made of high quality soft and durable textured leather, which allows athletes to maintain a firm grip on their equipment at all times. By using ViperSportsWear grips you know that your palms will be safe from pain and blisters when doing workouts like pull ups, chin ups, toes-to-bar, bar muscle ups, ring dips, kettlebell swings and many other exercises that would otherwise be difficult for your hands.

Who were these gloves made for?
Men and Women who want a more efficient workout.

The ViperSportsWear Grips come in 5 different sizes:
-Extra Large fits 5″ and up
-Large fits 4.5″ – 5″
-Medium fits up to 4″ – 4.5″
-Small fits up to 4″
-Extra Small fits up to 3.5″
To choose the right size measure from base of palm to base middle finger. See sizing chart in photos.

What’s in the box?
1 pair of ViperSportsWear Grips and convenient carrying case to help you keep your gloves organized


Product Features

  • HEALTHTY HANDS: Help protect your hands from abrasions, scars and calluses. Take preventative measure for total hand and wrist health and boost your performance with ViperSportsWear textured leather hand grips.
  • SAFE WRIST SUPPORT: Comfortable fit with a convenient wide wrist support that doesn’t irritate your wrist, reduces wrist fatigue and helps prevent wrist injury.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY LEATHER: Manufactured from the finest, textured leather. They reduce friction on your palms, while they also prevent slippage while gripping exercise equipment or doing chin ups, pull ups and any other exercise pattern involving your hands.
  • STRONGER GRIP: Textured leather on both sides for added grip. Reduce the bar slipping out of your hands.
  • WITH CARRYING POUCH: Keep your grips in their pouch, throw them in your gym bag without getting them all tangled.

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