Bob Harper Beginner’s Weight Loss Transformation [DVD]

Whether this is your first time working out, or it’s just been a while, now is the time to drop pounds and renovate your body to its best form! Push yourself harder and punch-up your heart rate to annihilate calories, attack fat and reconstruct your body completely. Beginner’s Weight Loss Transformation uses weights and body resistance to perfect your form for optimal weight loss and muscle-toning performance. My Trainer Bob leads you through each dynamic movement to activate all muscle groups, keeping you in constant motion for a maximum cardio-heightening, fat-blasting workout. Learn how to engage your core from start to finish, and compress each muscle movement for results you can see and feel. Achieve this supreme beginner workout, and accomplish your fitness goals.

Workout 1: Beginner’s Weight Loss Transformation
46 minutes of non-stop muscle-building drills will pump your heart rate and burn fat for a complete beginner’s body workout. Leave excess pounds and calories in the dust as you race through Bob’s dynamic combinations, focusing on key muscle groups and cardiovascular conditioning. Feel the energy surge through your muscles as they obliterate fat and uncover a leaner, stronger you.

Workout 2: 10-Minute Beginner Abs
Get in, and get out, with this hard-driving abdominal workout. Challenge your endurance and range of motion with an expedited variety of ab-shredding maneuvers to sharpen your core and benefit your entire body.


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2 Responses to Bob Harper Beginner’s Weight Loss Transformation [DVD]

  1. RoboSan says:

    Notes from a Kettlebell beginner… I’ve just started using Kettlebells and was looking for a DVD to motivate me rather than just trying to learn from a book. This Bob Harper workout is definitely a good place to start.I’ll admit that to begin with I found it quite tough (I work out but had let my cardio fitness lax a bit too much me thinks) and on the first couple of run throughs I paused it for a minute or so if I needed time out. That was only last week and now I can go all the way through without stopping – which is…

  2. Kemet Queen says:

    I heart Bob Harper

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