Bodymax Chrome Handle Kettlebell – Black, 4 kg

The Rubber Coated Chrome Handle Kettlebells, from Bodymax These Kettlebells have a suberb chrome-finished handle that gives a smooth, comfortable grip. Teamed together with a rubber coated cast iron bottom end for assisted damage limitation to flooring – a welcome addition to any home or commercial gym.

Product Features

  • Smooth, chrome handle for clean grip
  • New, modern and sleek design
  • Rubber coated bottom for floor protection
  • Ideal for home and commercial usage
  • Full size range from 4kg to 40kg available

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2 Responses to Bodymax Chrome Handle Kettlebell – Black, 4 kg

  1. K. GRAHAM says:

    OK but has it’s faults I’m 5’8″ (174cm) male weighing 12.5 stone (80kg) and have done the gym in the past, having scanned the internet for a starting weight for my first kettlebell the consensus seemed to be 16KG, having had lower back problems I thought I’d play things safe and go for the 14KG bell to start. I did the right thing, I’ve found 14kg to be plenty heavy for a starting weight.My first purchase of a kettlebell and I’ve discovered the hard way that its best to research before you buy. The first…

  2. Justin Fretwell says:

    chrome handles I bought a pair of 12kg when i first started kettlebell exercises a few months back. found they were too heavy for some reps so i bought a pair of 6kg with chrome handles. I prefer the standard ones as they feel a bit knobbley so you have more grip. Your hands sweat so the chrome handles get slick.Other than that, the build quality is good but there was a bit of plastic flashing which scratched me during one of my reps once and i have blood everywhere suddenly and didnt realise…

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