Gym Gloves For Sweaty Hands! Genuine Leather Weightlifting Grips (Yellow)

Workout your Body…not your Hands.

GymPaws Leather Weight Lifting Grips are the best selling alternative to Gym Gloves

They’re the most popular Hand Pads for the Gym in the USA for several reasons:
1. The compact design fits right in the palm of your hands to protect against friction causing calluses. 2. Slightly padded Genuine Top Grain Cowhide Leather eases hand fatigue allowing you to bust out those extra couple of reps. These are not cheap faux leather or micro-fiber gloves.
3. GymPaws are Moisture Resistant which means they won’t absorb sweat, and you can toss ’em right in the washing machine and dryer along with your gym clothes.
4. Military grade Neoprene and tensile strength thread, assure these will last longer than you do.

GymPaws Gym Gloves have become a favorite Crossfit Glove by fans worldwide because they don’t inhibit movement, cause your hands to get sweaty, and they actually fit like a glove thanks to the 4 finger loops.
Bodybuilding, Fitness and Exercise, and Crossfit Athletes and coaches alike alike use them every single day. They’re especially the best option for those who don’t like bulky traditional gloves.
GymPaws are super versatile too. They made ideal Rowing Gloves, Gloves for Pull Ups, Battling Ropes or even Kettlebell Workouts.
Basically, anytime you want some hand protection to help you push yourself in the gym, Crossfit box, or weight training room, grab your GymPaws Grips and Get Your Workout On.
We’re not some faceless company either. Located in Muscle Beach, CA (aka Venice Beach) GymPaws Inc is a team of Certified Personal Trainers, Weightlifting and Bodybuilding Pros, Exercise Physiologists, and Athletes. We design products for performance over profit.
Search for gympaws on any Social Media platform to get get workout and fitness advice and tips, watch our exercise video demos, or just to see what other customers have to say.
Your order contains ONE PAIR of Gloves (Right and Left).

Product Features

  • Genuine Top Grain Cowhide Leather, Slightly Padded Palm Eases Hand Fatigue.
  • Four Finger Loops Assure They’ll Stay in Place and Fit Like A Glove!
  • Military-Grade Neoprene Backing Wicks Away Sweat and Enhances your Grip and Performance.
  • Compact Design Fits In The Palm Of Your Hands to Protect Against Calluses, without the excess bulky material of most Gym Gloves.
  • Designed by REAL Certified Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals. They’re awesome for Crossfit, Weight Training, Rowing or Circuit Training.

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2 Responses to Gym Gloves For Sweaty Hands! Genuine Leather Weightlifting Grips (Yellow)

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    Ok if you have big hands/strong grip These are probably fine if you have big hands and a strong grip. I hoped they would help with preventing callouses when I use my pull up bar, however as the material is quite thick, it weakens my grip noticeably on the bar. They smell quite strongly too (a chemical smell) – hopefully this will disappear over time. Also-there was a card inside the package offering a free pair if you leave feedback -this is probably why this product appears at or near top of the search listings. I also didn’t…

  2. Mark says:

    Callus free hands! Extremely fast delivery from the USA – ordered on the 13th May and they arrived on the 19th May. Delivery estimate was the 12th of June so I’m very pleased that I’ve received them so quickly. Tried them out this evening on the pull up bars in the park and for the first time in forever I stopped because my arms were tired, not because my hands were sore. Very pleased with the first impressions – they’re comfortable to wear and I felt like I had a solid connection on the bar.Hopefully…

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