Kettlebells For Dummies

The way to a full-body workout with amazing results by mastering kettlebells Have you heard the buzz about the all-in-one strength and cardio workout that works every muscle in the body at once? There’s a reason why professional athletes and A-list celebrities are joining the Kettlebells revolution-and now you can, too! With numerous step-by-step photos throughout, Kettlebells For Dummies gives you everything you need to use kettlebells to safely improve strength, endurance, flexibility, joint durability, agility, mobility, athletic movement, and proper body alignment. Whether you’re in your teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 60s and beyond, you’ll discover how this fast-growing fitness phenomenon can boost your metabolism and help you lose weight by mastering numerous kettlebell exercises.One of the most effective workouts for burning fat, building lean muscle, and achieving core strength One-hour workout can burn as much as 1,000 calories Named one of the most popular fitness trends in 2009 Whether you’re a self-proclaimed gym rat or have never lifted a weight, Kettlebells For Dummies shows you that it’s easy to use kettlebells to achieve a full-body workout that yields amazing results.

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3 Responses to Kettlebells For Dummies

  1. Gill says:

    Kettlebells for Dummies I have to have a book on everything that I am interested in; what a lot of books. I can work well from Kettlebells for Dummies, and can make sure I have good form, and really benefit from the ten minutes a day of Kettlebell-ing that I fit in. The book answers all my questions. It is well planned, easy to follow, plenty of pictures. Describes all the basic moves, such as swinging, squats, the clean, overhead press etc. leading up to the advanced combination moves, goes into all aspects of…

  2. rebelinblue says:

    dose what it says on the label i have recently bought my self some kettle bells,and then this book,not a big problem but in the book it says to buy the iron bells not the plastic ones,which i did but no matter,i gave this book a good reading through then practiced the moves of the exercises using no weights till i got a feel for the moves then once happy with that did some of the beginners routines that are listed,now you dont need much room and you need only one kettle bell but these routines done as per the book are quite…

  3. Isaac Asimov says:

    Kettlebells for Dummies A book that certainly does what it says on the cover. It goes through all the basics and covers advanced stuff too, meaning that it is a great book for beginners but for advanced users wouldn’t be a waste of money either.All the core moves that kettlebell use excells at are covered, along with the advanced moves like the Turkish get up etc.I also have the DVDs by the same author and this book is an excellent addition that complements the video series. The book explains in detail…

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