Set of 2 Kettlebell »Kolossos« Dumbell up to 30 kg total weight / 100% iron with vinyl surface / high-performance studio quality / available in various colours en weightSet of 2s / Ideal for powerlifting weightlifting fitness and hometraining / 6kg (green) und 3kg (orange)

Product Features

  • BRAND QUALITY: the original #DoYourFitness »kolossos« dumbbell features excellent workmanship and is therefore suitable for targeted strength and endurance training. Our dumbbells are available in different weight classes from 2 to 20 kg.
  • WEIGHT: the #DoYourFitness »kolossos« kettlebell comes in the weights of 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 15kg and 20kg. Each weight class has a different colour
  • SPECIAL FEATURE: colourful, anatomically shaped weights of 100% iron, protected by the vinyl coating against perspiration and scratches.
  • SUITABLE FOR: due to the weight gradations of 2 kg up to 20 kg the kettlebells are as suitable for beginners and women as they are for aspiring athletes. Using them, you can gradually increase your strength. Of course our kettle bells are also used in physical therapy and rehabilitation. Summing up: an excellent piece of brand-name sports equipment for performance, popular, and recreational sports.
  • CERTIFIED QUALITY: our »kolossos« kettlebell was developed especially with regard to the optimal weight composition and gradation in collaboration with fitness trainers and tested once again by our quality department at the production site. #DoYourFitness is a trademark of #DoYourSports GmbH.

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