Athletes throw their weight around at kettlebell contest | CBC News

In the 18th-century Russia, kettlebells — cast iron weights with a kettle-like handle — were used to weigh crops This weekend, dozens of athletes from across the country are descending on Ottawa to toss those weights around in a test of strength and endurance, all competing for a spot on the national kettlebell team

Those who qualify will go on to compete at the world championships in Ireland next month.

Ottawa’s Lisa Pitel-Killah won gold and silver at the 2016 world championships in Kazakhstan, and was instrumental in bringing the Canadian Kettlebell Sport Nationals to the capital for the first time Lisa Pitel-Killah won gold and silver medals at the world championship in 2016 (Reno Patry/CBC) “Ottawa is a beautiful city I just think it’s going to be an amazing weekend for a lot of people,” Pitel-Killah said The a thletes hoist the kettlebell in many different ways, and have just 10 minutes to hit the expected number of reps expected for each weight Each rep can earn the athlete up to one point, depending on their style Their points are then added up to determine first, second and third place Pitel-Killah said it takes dedication, commitment and consistency to be successful in the sport “Kettlebells is very mental A lot of times you will train the body, but we forget about training the mind, and having a strong mind will definitely get you through when your body is under that duress for 10 minutes,” she said Lisa Pitel-Killah will be one of the judges this weekend who will choose the athletes that will make Team Canada (Reno Patry/CBC) A supportive community Pitel-Killah said the kettlebell community is very supportive “There’s no rivalries We just want everyone to excel and do their best,” she said “Every time we have a competition, we all try and come in to support each other, and I love it

” Pitel-Killah is excited to see more and more people attending kettlebell lifting classes in Ottawa.

“I just want to see it get bigger and bigger and bigger”

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