Beast Tamer, How to Master the Ultimate Russian Kettlebell Strength Challenge

In Dragon Door’s RKC kettlebell instructor training
, the Beast Tamer and Iron
challenges represent the ultimate athletic
achievement of an elite few men and women. To earn
the accolade of “Beast Tamer” men must flawlessly
perform a Pistol, a Pull Up and a Press—with a 108-
lbs kettlebell. To earn the accolade of “Iron Maiden”
women must flawlessly perform a Pistol, a Pull Up and
a Press—with a 53-lbs kettlebell.

These three lifts comprise elements of strength, mobility
and skill that make each different enough from the
others as to make performing all three a feat worthy of
great respect. The RKC ranks are filled with strong,
able men and women. That only around 1% have
accomplished The Beast or the Iron Maiden
Challenges, speaks volumes about their difficulty.

As with any great feats of strength, success comes from a
combination of dedicated training, careful
programming, a clear understanding of the necessary
progressions and the cultivation of particular skill-sets.
Without the correct formula applied in the correct
manner, the RKC Beast Tamer and RKC Iron Maiden
are just not going to happen.

When Master RKC, Andrew Read did a deep dive
to research what exactly it took to master the Beast
Tamer or Iron Maiden, he discovered some clear
commonalities in the training methodologies of
successful Tamers and Maidens. Success leaves
clues. Andrew Read shines a masterful light on those
clues, building a foolproof blueprint for the
achievement of elite strength.

What works in real life to become an all-around, elite
strength champion? Andrew Read gives you the tools,
tips and techniques that can turn you from ordinary to
extraordinary. Want to tap into your inner Beast or
inner Iron Maiden? Bring passion, dedication and
supreme determination to your training table—and you
CANNOT FAIL. We look forward to welcoming down
the road to the RKC Beast Tamer and RKC Iron
Maiden Halls of Fame!

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